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Recently I switched from the client to . The reason being that Dino supports Message Archive Management and thus plays much nicer with Conversations which I use on my mobile.

I have now updated my PGP signed list of OMEMO keys accordingly:

Ok one thing I would very much like to see more of in the coming years:

More people being involved with the demoscene who are from less-represented groups.

I mean, yes, we've got more folks from South America _visible_ now (y'all were always there, we just didn't neccesarily have as direct a means; I'd hope that some of it wasn't language or some silly border/political thing) but -

I'm worried that there may not be enough ...

I'm worried that some folks may look at the people involved and decide that since we're mainly of European descent, that we behave like lots of other groups of European descent.

And maybe we're accidentally whitewashing ourselves.

I don't know. I just want everyone to feel welcome.

(and I want to learn about people. Not about ... the things people SAY about people. About PEOPLE.)

Opened up my Sony Xperia XA2. Found out what was rattping around inside, too. It was a screw :o

Dear fediverse, do you know of any open hardware battery banks? Bonus points for lifepo4 based ones!

Please rt

For someone who keeps bitching about the quality of software, Fefe sure has had a lot of bugs in his self-written blog software lately...

What hosting company do you use to host your instance?

(If you choose “other” please reply with which company / provider.)

Trying to get a gauge of how centralized the fediverse actually is, please reshare!

#fediverse #mastodon

Fünf gleichlautende Motionen für eine vertrauenswürdige, staatliche #eID unterstützt von allen Bundeshausfraktionen! Danke an alle Beteiligten!

happy international women’s day! 💪

Gnue früech zum Bett us cho, dass i s no zur Abstimmig gschafft ha :)

The #XMPP Newsletter for February 2021 is out!

Many many news alike OpenPGP for XMPP, 7 client updates and 5 videos and much more - Thanks to everyone contributing!

Enjoy reading! 📰 ☕

#federated #decentralization #standards #jabber

Today is #BandcampFriday - A good day if you want to support me as musician by buying some of my music.

reform-system-image is feature complete

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