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Recently I switched from the client to . The reason being that Dino supports Message Archive Management and thus plays much nicer with Conversations which I use on my mobile.

I have now updated my PGP signed list of OMEMO keys accordingly:

OK, I quit. 32 GiB RAM is just not enough any more to compile modern software while also having /var/tmp/portage be a RAM disk and also use the PC at the same time :(

Rant, diss, Mozilla 

Mozilla trends over the last couple of years: Less development for Firefox, higher salaries for the management, exfiltrate more data to shady businesses.

Now I know where it is headed - The next version of FF will be purely a client for the Clownflare cloud browser.

Surely this will save them almost all dev work, which will free up loads of money for the management. Plus all of the user data will now automatically belong to a shady corporation :/

DEMONIGHTS 012 take place mid time of the Game Jam. The Jam is pulled off by our member and he released an invitation video on Vimeo: - The Game Jam is still looking for participants! #gamejam #bern

Ha eich wöue Kraftklub lose, aber us Versehe z Aubum vo de Knöpperl verwütscht. Dasch aber ou ganz OK, loen i iz haut chli Knöppel :)

I guess this is not a good week for being one of my devices :( First the 3D printer and now the laptop... I am going to end up killing them all if I'm not careful :/ @mntmn

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It turns on fine, even on battery power, but the battery cell reporting is all over the place now and looks completely different depending on wether the thing is plugged in or not... @mntmn

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Unfortunately I wasn't quite careful enough during the operation and dropped a screw into the device. Fortunately I did actually remember to disconnect the batteries from the motherboard before I started. But I managed to drop the screw in between the battery cells m( A bunch of white smoke and a stink followed :/ @mntmn

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@mntmn the new trackball looks a lot better. I like the cloudy texture. It feels good in the hand, too. :)

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Keyboard number three!

Built in early 1987, this is the oldest board of the bunch, older even than my own 1988 Model M.

It's in great condition, however, most of the rivets holding the plastic to the steel plate have fallen off. I might bolt-mod it at some point.

Diese Tastatur ist alternativlos.

Board number two!
It's scary how dirty this one was on the inside.
Does anyone recognise the logo pn the badge? The keyboard is IBM-made, my guess is that a vendor or the company using it replaced the badge.

Sadly, this keyboard is completely out of Ctrl :(

@mntmn So how do I replace the track ball? It would seem that I can't unscrew the bracket that is holding it in place from the top? So I guess I remove the bottom acrylic from the case, unscrew the the track ball PCB, take the track ball assembly out and then swap the track ball? Or am I overlooking something obvious here?

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