It is done! @glow, @draemmli and me from the have sorted all the in the sticker exchange.

Please don't ruin it, it has been A LOT of work, took us almost three hours.

Other than the stickers, I haven't found any stickers yet at . Am I looking in the wrong places or is it that there are none?

Sitting in a talk about stickers [0] at . @thestickerarchive , @shiro where are you? How are you missing this?


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Liebe , hat jemand ein Ladekabel für alte Nokia Telefone mit dabei?

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Der Call For Participation für die Chaos Singularity 2019 ist eröffnet! Mal schauen was wir da an tollen Einreichungen bekommen.

#cosin #cfp

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We are halfway there, 58 of 111 pieces of the crowdprinted sculpture for #eh19 are done! 🎆
It is artsy sculpture which you can help create by printing pieces on your 3D printer. Just pick a piece from

On my way back home after a good night hacking at . We have finally made some good progress with the keyboard and almost all keys are now working!

Important progress has been made on my keyboard project today. I think I now know what to do.

Just found out that Sequoia-PGP has a cli! @glow are you up for trying to write a mutt configuration that uses sq instead of GnuPG? Would make for a nice project. I could use one that is less frustrating than my keyboard :/

Still working on converting this keyboard to USB. The project is much more challenging than anticipated.

Turns out the keyboard was not made by SUN microsystems after all. Instead it is a SUN clone manufactured by Integrix. Despite being a clone, it is incompatible with SUN keyboards.

@easterhegg what is the progress on the project? We have stopped printing more pieces. Let us know if the project gets behind schedule though.

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