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I will do a talk on (some) advanced features of on Thursday 2019-11-21 19h. The talk is organized with the help of the local Linux user group, the .

On Saturday after that (2019-11-23), we will have a Gentoo install party at the Chaostreff Bern.

For more information, check our website:

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ok i wrote another update on the state of Reform, i guess the last one before campaign launch

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my name is moxie and i dont use decentralized software uwu
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Woot! Someone (tm) forked the Tooter app, a native client for , patched the login problems and republished it to

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Hat jemand einen "Fairy Wurst" Sticker? Meine Freundin hatte letztes Jahr einen entdeckt und ist auf der Suche nach weiteren. #36c3

By the way... @bleeptrack Did you have a chance to test @Chaos_99 's at ? I would like to hear the opinion of someone who owns an actual .

I hate that the OneWheel's firmware is closed but I guess much of what makes it such an amazing device is all the tuning that went into it.

Unfortunately the Bluetooth is still very much dead. So I have no idea about the state of the battery when out riding.

It ended up dying on me at the worst place. I had to carry it up a steep hill and back into the city for almost an hour.

Good thing I got that specialized back pack for carrying it. This would have killed me if all I had was the stock handle or the MAFIA bag.

I can confirm that replacing the bearings on my has fixed the issues I was having with Delirium mode.

It works great now. Confirmed today in the first long OneWheel tour I've done in a while.

The board is so much more powerful and reactive in Delirium mode. Also it sounds like a sci-fi space ship when I take off :)

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Fediverse personality test 

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We're building up the Open Source #Firmware assembly at #36C3. Come visit us, we're in Hall 3! :)

We have people working on #coreboot, #LinuxBoot (u-root esp), BMCs (u-bmc, OpenBMC), #hardware like #qspimux, firmware analysis, and lots more! We're offering coreboot #workshops:

People at the bar trying to build their Lego o.O

Krass. Bärn isch wie usgstorbe. I däm Bös, wo süsch um die Zit geng vou isch, het s sächs Passaschiere o.O

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Details on the #coreboot #workshops at #36C3:
* dates: 27th Dec 3pm & 28th Dec 4pm & 29th Dec 3pm
* team up in pairs of two, capacity limit is ~6 to 8 persons
* intended for #newcomers only
* duration: ~2:00h
* build your toolchain, compile coreboot for QEMU
* What are so-called payloads?
* coreboot on real #hardware

You can find us at the Open Source Firmware assembly in the Chaos-West area. Please boost/share, thanks! :) ✨👩🏻‍💻✨

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