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Recently I switched from the client to . The reason being that Dino supports Message Archive Management and thus plays much nicer with Conversations which I use on my mobile.

I have now updated my PGP signed list of OMEMO keys accordingly:

My new APU is fully operational now. Now all the backups stored on the server in my parent's basement get mirrored to my home at night. That is until the mirrored 2TB SSDs in the APU run out of space, but that should still be a while I think.

I have now created a shaped backing for the cutout, to minimize the material and weight of the thing. Before I had a huge rectangle at the back. Also all the distances now measure the same as they do on the original

I don't even have a record player but I still really want this.

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@zaun @absturztaube @Jain @the_compiler @regines @CyReVolt @Venty The Italians will have another live event this Sunday at 17:30, same as last week:

There's even hope that they have improved their streaming skills ;)

I trashed my @nitrokey start the other day. Luckily I keep spare units around to avoid downtime. Today my new spare unit has arrived :)

I get a kernel panic when trying to boot my btrfs RAID-1 :(

@adi I find rotating the trackball 'backwards' to wards me (usually moving the mouse pointer down on the screen) the hardest of the four directions though. So I configured the axes in such a way that 'left' is down and 'right' is up. Much more convenient :)

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Last night @adi told me about "Evdev Wheel Emulation". Using this, I can hold down a key on my mouse and then move the trackball to scroll. Pretty cool stuff!

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