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@dbrgn du bisch im Fau tschuud a mire nöiä 'Faszination Glied' :D

Heute zum ersten Mal ein Telefon gefaltet o.O Das Huawei Mate X. KrassesTeil!

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do you or do i know someone who i could consult regarding thermal design of Reform?

I will do a talk on (some) advanced features of on Thursday 2019-11-21 19h. The talk is organized with the help of the local Linux user group, the .

On Saturday after that (2019-11-23), we will have a Gentoo install party at the Chaostreff Bern.

For more information, check our website:

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Mark your calendars: Demonights are close, with the 10th edition on the 15th of November 2019 (a Friday evening). Details are yet to be defined - we do however plan to take a deep dive into the C64 demoscene. Keep watching for more info! #demoscene

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Der digitale Schweizer Pass (#eID) soll von privaten Unternehmen wie der UBS, Credit Suisse oder Swisscom ausgestellt werden. Nicht mit uns.

Jetzt das #eID_Referendum unterstützen.

How are made at Faber-Castell:

If you're into pencils, make sure to also check out the erasable podcast.

Does anyone know what's happened to ? Is there just an unusually long outage or is the service gone alltogether? Would be a shame though :(

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if you have mipi dsi knowledge and want to help with suggestions etc please do

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