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The mine cart at the crossing 'Royal Raceway' and 'Kalimari Desert' is playing great music all day long. It is severely underappreciated. Let's meet and have a party to appreciate the great sound and the amazing, sticker powered, map.

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Heute um 15 Uhr findet das CCC-CH gettogether statt:

Wenn du dich für das Chaos in der Schweiz interessierst, oder du einfach lust hast neue Leute zu treffen, dann schau doch vorbei!

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Apparently this vandalism was a self-organized session in the camp wiki, at least the time frame matches 😞 Don't you know how to "be excellent to each other"? #cccamp

TIL: In Deutschland verstehen die Leute das Wort 'Pneu' nicht o.O

@shiro have you seen this sticker-powered map of the ? What a novel way to use stickers :)

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I'm very sad that things like this happen at #cccamp19. I bet the coward who did this doesn't have the courage to talk to us about his problem with the flag.

Also: destroying other people's property does not make you a good anarchist. Quite the opposit in fact. And it will most certainly not convince anyone of your position. It may scare a few people into submission, but if that is your idea of anarchism, I don't want any of it, really!

Frontier justice really is no way of living together. If something really bother's you, come and have a civilized argument.

This is a great community. Such a shame a few vandals are trying to ruin it.

People at have destroyed our propperty. Our national flag got wrecked and our CCC-CH banner was graffitied. :(

Not cool guys.

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@CyReVolt Can you recomment a good guide for building and flashing on a Thinkpad x230.

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Wo kommen denn jetzt all die Nerds her in dem Zug o.O

Successfully removed Python 2 from my laptop :)

So the only things keeping me from removing Python2 are clang (of all the things o.O) and itstools. The latter received support for Python 3 in version 2.0.3 but no current ebuild is available. It's easy enough to bump the ebuild and add a Python 3 option though, so that's no problem.

I have clang on my binary package build machine only. It's not required on the target system. So that can go as well.

Inkscape requires python2, but I don't really need it.

@glow: is looking for a vapers at camp to reenact a video:

The video is pretty funny. You should consider helping out!

This is on my laptop / binary package build server by the way.

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