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Recently I switched from the client to . The reason being that Dino supports Message Archive Management and thus plays much nicer with Conversations which I use on my mobile.

I have now updated my PGP signed list of OMEMO keys accordingly:

That said, I am not sure how much I like the idea of . Is it really a good idea to introduce a new system programming panguage which is not memory safe?

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Being an user and a fan of rust, I was originally hoping for way cooler, but that project has long since died. Then my hopes were for fireplace who are working on a native wayland library for rust. Pretty cool. But they only just recently restarted work on the window manager after more than 3 years. I think they have some way to go before fireplace becomes an option for a daily driver.

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So just this week, two interests of mine have come together to present me with a new solution.

I've been looking for a tiling window manager for for a while.

This week, linked an article on the programming language. While looking around, I discovered the window manager which is written in zig.

It is packaged for (although in an overlay), works and its sample config is very close to how I use .

Neuf ans après le premier opus, Rymdreglage sort 8bit trip 2 une vidéo inspiré de l'ère #8bit #chiptune.

Je ne peux que vous la conseiller!

Finished removing old oil and grease, cleaning all the mechanisms, re-lubricating where necessary and covering it all in a very thin film of oil for rust protection.

I'm invested now - this machine has to live!

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We didn't have a data leak, we had an Unscheduled Distributed Backup.

This is the clock on the (outside of) Firence main station.

I would have guessed that this way of displaying the time was only invented with the introduction of digital 7-segment watches. But evidently I was wrong - the train station, including the clock, was completed in 1935.

Introduction to Strong Towns & Financially Insolvent American Cities [ST01]

Ä Parkplatz ir Matte z Bärn. Normalerwis aber eigentlich nid eine für Schiffli.
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