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Recently I switched from the client to . The reason being that Dino supports Message Archive Management and thus plays much nicer with Conversations which I use on my mobile.

I have now updated my PGP signed list of OMEMO keys accordingly:

The last four episodes are a lot better than the first two though.

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My least favorite bits from the books were almost all changed or left out.

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I just finished Amazon's "Good Omens". I adore the book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. But the TV series is really good also, if not even better. The children are written and acted rather badly which is a bit of a disappointment. But it's more than made up for by Crowley and Erziraphael. They are acted brilliantly and their relationship in the series is even better than in the book.

What has happened to all the SPAM? Over the last couple of days, the amount of SPAM E-Mail has dropped to zero on all of my accounts. That goes for both personal and professional accounts and at all the E-Mail providers I use.

Our company mail server at least has not gotten any updates or policy changes...

I'm not complaining of course. Just curious...

I created a stylized animation of rain using JavaScript. It has cool sliders.

electronics design of MNT Reform is complete. i gave the green light to finish motherboard assemblies.

5x MNT Reform production motherboard samples are here! 😱i just need to solder the THT connectors and off we go...

The new Creality Ender 5 plus glass plate for the printer at the has finally arrived.

D Ussicht vom Möschbärg uf Grosshöchstette abe am ne Samstig Morge im Dezämber
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