New here? Remember that Twitter is optimized to make you into passive consumers, by en(r/g)aging you with content that you don't choose yourself.

Here, that doesn't happen. But it also means you're responsible to find people to follow.

It will take some work.

If you're willing to put that in, you'll find a wide variety of friendly people that will be happy to have meaningful conversions and laugh and cry together with you.

Start by searching and looking at who other people follow.

LGBT+, long post about coming outs 

Today is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

Maybe you are LGBT+ or questioning your gender identity, gender expression or sexual preferences. After all, it's never too late to find yourself and put words on your feelings.

It's up to you whether you wish to open yourself to your family or friends, as sometimes it can be a dangerous gamble where, instead of the hoped for acceptance and support (or simply indifference), you may be faced with rejection and exclusion. We're social animals, and the prospect of being ostracised and vulnerable can be terrifying.

Yet, I'm inclined to think it's a gamble worth taking as soon you have a safety net for the worst case. This is especially true if you still live with your family: have a hotel room pre-booked or a trusted friend at the ready to provide you emergency shelter.

Why take the gamble? In my opinion, not taking it is worse: being left in the unknown, in a constant stress and anxiety of being "outed" involuntarily, always on the edge, and having to perform 24/7 as someone you're not. You're gonna exhaust yourself when, quite possibly, the people you entrust with your coming-out would be accepting and supportive. Once you take the gamble, you'll know the result and can handle accordingly to your plan, you'll no longer be in the fog.

For sometimes life has those "leaps of faith", those "burn the ships behind you" periods where your life path takes a radical turn. When and how must be up to you. Today is a good opportunity to evaluate the gamble: bring up the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, for example you can mention "knowing a friend who came out to you today" to gauge your family's reactions and assess the gamble. Maybe you even do it on the spot, and in which case I wish you all the best <3

Always remember: even without Pride Marches this year as a public demonstration, you are not alone. You are loved. Help associations exist for LGBT+ youth. You did nothing wrong, it's nobody's fault, you are you and that's all what counts, your feelings are valid and you deserve happiness :blobcatheartsqueeze:​

#DOFH excuse #1:

Admin executed random code from Stack Overflow.

I am unemployed. I don't believe I will be returning to academia.

If you or someone you know is looking for a high skilled, highly motivated Unix admin, technical writer, infosec consultant, or tech researcher, please get in touch. Willing to relocate anywhere (after the COVID-19 situation, of course) and work remotely in the interim.

(Please feel free to star and boost.)

Hewwo my Mew Mew Mates
I'm just curious
Do you like Online games or single player games more?

Another poll because I find It interesting. What sync or cloud service do you use?


Oh my. I have a feeling I'm muting most bots whose posts are being boosted by Stellar.

Like, sheesh.

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"purple = two colours" tangent 

@copygirl Wikipedia has this to say:

"In color theory, a 'purple' is defined as any non-spectral color between violet and red (excluding violet and red themselves). The spectral colors violet and indigo are not purples according to color theory, but they are purples according to common English usage since they are perceived to be similar."

Ah, yes, the one main theme for which I would always turn on the console just to listen to it.


...I think I now know which music I'll be listening to for the next few weeks.

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