What- :blobnervous:

Can you guess which anime this notice is from?

Hint: It's airing at the moment and never had any notices like this one before.

Honestly, I have a feeling that other people's definition of "cute" is /very/ different from my own... :blobthinking:

Aah. Free weekends are so great. Especially when it comes to tactical shooters.

Oughtta love it 👌

It's funny how some people who play Insurgency: Sandstorm complain about lags and have a GTX 1080.

I have a GTX 660 Ti and the game's running very smoothly.

Go figure. :blobshrug:

The FSFE needs you to continue spreading software freedom in Europe! Become a supporter of the FSFE!



FOSS is free as in toilet

Excellent statement, absolutely true

So, um... Anyone know why I'm still awake? No?

Well, I guess I'll go to bed, then. Good night :abloblamp:

Damn. I just ran into Simon Viklund's music on YouTube and now I have the sudden desire to play Payday 2 again.

But I can't, I need to get some sleep :blobugh:

@copygirl Oh, hey there :blobwave: Didn't know you were on the Fediverse as well!

TFW you go into the kitchen to fetch something to drink, walk back to your desk and notice that during this short walk most of your drink has mysteriously evaporated. :blobderpy:

I wonder if 5'600m/s dV in LKO is enough for achieving a circular orbit around the Mun and getting back to the surface...

Probably going to make it just barely. :thaenkin:

Back at Kerbin now. Noticed that the kerbonauts have been experiencing a g-force of only 16G during reentry.

For comparison, this is more than twice the g-force the Apollo 16 astronauts experienced during reentry and about 1.5 times the maximum g-force for a modern, supermaneuverable fighter aircraft (→ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G-force#).

Looks like this was a very healthy way to slow down.

There we go. Right at the edge of a crater. And I only used about half the fuel available.

Here is a screenshot of me trying to land the accompanying lander probe.

Result: It crashed. Who would've guessed. :bloblul:

Let's quickload and try again.

And yes, that drone has a ridiculous amount of dV.

Night time is the best time to send unsuspecting test vict- uh, subjects to the Moon and back.

Kind of tempted to click the "I agree" button here.

What do a dog, a moped and a drunk person have in common? Show more

Does anyone want to write this documentation for me? 😅

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