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For those who don't know it, this song is Moe Jazz Dreamer (Bossa Nova Version) by STUDIO TRAM.

The best Fedisekai rn imo is RaRu.Re:Zero, life in a different world from zero

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You own everything that happened to you.

Tell your stories.

If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.

~Anne Lamott

🔴 (Almost) final #niu announcement 🔴 

Here's a copy of the email yall will have received in the next minutes : write.as/p2oxi8k2e5xph.md

I hope yall will like this decision, :blobowo:

As of me, I'm moving to @Miaourt , technically you should be migrated automatically in the next minutes, but feel free to follow me manually.

TFW you're using Remote Desktop to access another machine, and everything you do has a response time of about half a second, but that one program that you really WANT to use takes an eternity to process anything and everything.

I am looking for a great / commands tutorial. It should be approachable for someone who is completely new to Linux and the CLI. Preferably it is also understandable to those who have only little technical knowledge about computers but would like to learn.

Please RT / boost!

on nukes and general doom, article link 

So, if Beirut looks roughly like the yield of "low yield nuclear weapons" why the hell are we building more of them? In what way is this making the world safer? In what fucking universe does "great power competition" justify bringing more of these things into existence?

Nukes are not meant for fighting wars, they're meant for killing entire cities at a time. Even "low yield" ones. DEMAND nuclear disarmament. If even one goes off accidentally it could mean the death of thousands, millions, or even all of us.

"Since 1950, there have been 32 nuclear weapon accidents, known as “Broken Arrows.” A Broken Arrow is defined as an unexpected event involving nuclear weapons that result in the accidental launching, firing, detonating, theft, or loss of the weapon. To date, six nuclear weapons have been lost and never recovered."

If we want to survive on this planet another hundred or so years we have to get rid of the risk.


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Oh, here you are. Finally. :gfl_g36exhausted:

> Facial recognition software exists
> Police: We want facial recognition software!
> Turns out facial recognition software can be used to identify police officers (who would've thought)
> Police: We don't want facial recognition software!

netzpolitik.org/2020/pimeyes-s (Link in German)

#BOFH excuse #82:

Yeah, yo mama dresses you funny and you need a mouse to delete files.

reboot du serveur vers 20h30 durée environ 30 mins. Tout les service fsnet sont affectés.
Server reboot at 20:30 for around 30 mins all services will be impacted.

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