Me, telling my body: Please type "config".
My body: "comfig", here you go.


Forgot to make it at first, but now I'll have some :blobtea:

While we're all focused on the Corona crisis the US government is quietly pushing an internet #surveillance bill that is aimed at abolishing message encryption:

We should probably pay attention to this and spread awareness even if we are not American:

> Häufig nachgeschlagene Wörter
> [Klopapier] [Pasta] [Pesto] [Reis]

("Frequently looked up words" in a German-German dictionary: toilet paper, pasta, pesto, rice)

Current events apparently also have an effect on which words people want to spell or understand correctly? :blobthinking:

> Switch your organization to Cloud™ services because on-premises is "too unreliable and work-intensive"
> Cloud™ services are too unreliable and work-intensive


RT @nekoama
I drew this to explain to someone who didn't quite get #flattenthecurve. The virus doesn't exist in a vacuum and can use up resources. I hope it helps.

Many of you already do it but we want to ask and urge everyone on and of course on other instances to add a CW (corona or covid19) to *all* toots in a relation with the corona virus pandemic. Additionally adding the #covid19 hashtag is also a good idea to filter the toots.

The topic is important but there are a lot of people that are for example in a risk group and really don't want to hear every bad joke or every new headline. Help them and be a nice citizen of this instance.

PLEASE BOOST FOR VISIBILITY (reposting on this account too)

HACKERS: I have a request

A notable, widely-used dating app I've been reverse engineering exposes user's postcodes, addresses, and google placeid via the public feed, meaning anyone can find anyone's location.

This is disastrous as the app caters exclusively to LGBTQIIA people, potentially exposing them to harassment.

I have been working on a python API for this application, and I would like to release it into the open.

I have contact the staff and while they state they will respond in 72 hours, it has been over a week and they have not responded (They did get the email, because an automated email was sent back to me).

I cannot in good conscience publish this API at the moment, despite that I would very much like to add it to my CV, as it represents the only recent work I have done.

What do I do? Is there a place I can file a report for this kind of thing? A CVE seems a bit too harsh.

How can I get them to deal with this, while staying legally protected?

Any advice on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.

Gib mir einen Punkt, wo ich sicher stehen kann, einen Hebel, der lang genug ist, und ich beweg dir die Erde mit einer Hand.

Looking for help with a disability, boosts appreciated

I’ve recently began studying biology and reading has really started being a thing that I need to do quite much now, and very recently it turns out I’m dyslexic and I have adhd so reading is pretty hard for me. I’ve found that screen reading helps me quite a bit but I really don’t know what is a good one. Does anyone here have any recommendations on where to start?

“You’ll need an account to do that” generally actually means “An account is absolutely unnecessary to do that, but we’re locking you out of it until you give us your personal information”

―blueberriesnpancakes, Apr 2016

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