Doing something you hardly know anything about and seeing first signs of success always gives you a dopamine high :blobhappy:

Happy to see that what I planned to implement in MobTalker2 should actually work!

Oooh. I wasn't aware that Unicode had a capital ß... It looks like this: ẞ

It's kind of sad to see that most spam emails that reach me walk through the Bayes spam filter unscathed, though.

> Subject: Didn't know they could get 35 Discounts Seniors

Didn't know they considered me a senior citizen.

I wonder why people would CW their selfies if their profile picture is a selfie? :blobthinking:

Transcript [2/2]

4. panel, mother: "But I still won't give you 10 trillion dollars for a wormhole machine to find a second earth where your favorite show wasn't cancelled."

Transcript [1/2]

1. panel, girl: "There is strong evidence that the universe is flat and infinite."

2. panel, girl: "The number of distinct quantum states that can occur in a fixed amount of space is finite, though. It's only around 10^(10^122) for the observable universe according to professor Brian Greene."

3. panel, girl: "Do I have to say more?"
3. panel, mother: "That's all very well, Yuna..."

I mean, it does sound like a discourse between scientists and the government, but...


(Transcript in responses, as it's too long for the image description)

Honestly, if anyone really wanted to make a case for "nothing to hide, nothing to fear", they should play the Orwell games. Both give very good examples for what will happen inevitably.


Okay, so eventually, I ended up with about 7 hours of tinkering around in Libreoffice Calc.

Now it's too late to start with KSP. :bloboh:

Me, 5 hours ago: "Let's play some KSP!"

Me, now: "Whoops. Didn't even start KSP yet. I lost myself in spreadsheets."

Stratzenblitz75, this is all your fault!

TFW when you manage to close one ticket where you just need to move code from A to B and then you're too exhausted mentally to continue with the next one.


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[Poll] Let's do a wisdom-of-the-crowd experiment.

If we were to choose a random answer among four, each of them would get ~25% of the votes.

But are we able to distribute our votes according to the percentages shown below? (If you can't see them, they are 5, 10, 25, and 60%.)

Don't cheat by using your alt accounts :blobamused: Boosts are welcome!

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san is so pleasant to watch~ :blobmelt:

That girl at the mall asked me if I added solid_sanek as an XMPP contact?

TFW you try to restart your VPS, but it tells you that it can't restart because it's out of disk space. Then you `df -h` and notice that every device listed is still more than 50% free.


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