Mirror's Edge stream in 5 minutes
Let's hope i don't fuck up like last time

Redstone circuits in Minecraft are a pain in the arse...

...but Super Circuit Maker makes it a little less bothersome at least. :blobtechnician:

Hm. I wonder what Fedi's opinion on Death Stranding is. :blobthinking:

Time to go homo!

Well, I guess I'm already there, but... you get the point.

I want typing gloves warmed with USB power

another studid sabakan story in japan 

as I explained below, "sabakan" means a canned mackerel and also "a server admin". That's why some server admins have "sabakan" emoji on their name


another story is that "saba" (mackerel in japanese) also sounds like French "Ça va" to us.

Then you know what? A company made a "Ça va" can and it is now quite popular.

Get them when you visit Japan :blobcatsabakan:


if you are having a hard time today pls know that a smol pixel kitten is here for you and believes in you :blobcatheart:

Peak UI design.

FYI: There's a button right below the notification.

As a deaf I'm very frustated with inaccessible videos and especially youtube sucks at this, they recently removed the community captioning. The amount of captioned & new videos have gone down drastically and it has pushed people like me out of many communities. There's one certain problem that I'm very frustated of; captioning ONLY when some other language than english is being spoken on the video. Your ableism is showing when you don't caption THE WHOLE CONTENT. #ableism #deaf #accessibility

> GFL had an event running until Jan 11 23:59 UTC-8
> Server maintenance to remove the event ends
> Event is gone from the Combat menu
> Event is still accessible via the quick menu
> Maps also still load correctly
> It is Jan 12 08:50 UTC-8

Well, uh... :blobeyes:

TFW uBlock Origin blocks more stuff in the browser profile which is exclusively used for work-related stuff than the one I use privately. Both uBlock Origin installs use almost the same configuration, with the work profile being the one that's a little more lenient.

1st image: Screenshot from my personal profile

2nd image: Screenshot from my work profile (which I reset yesterday)

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