Dance like nobody is watching.
Encrypt like everyone is

Magic: The Gathering 

Magic: The Gathering 

Whelp. By the time Dec 20 comes, I will have so. many. Steam games to give away.

Oughtta get that SQLite database up to date by then, I guess.

@kura, is it just me or has @pixy developed a tendency to post images with... let's say a large amount of bare skin?

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content 

If you are a web developer trying to keep spambots out, DO NOT use reCAPTCHA. It is an unethical privacy invasion that follows people around the Web and stops disabled people from accessing information or services for no good reason.

Instead, just ask a (very) simple logic puzzle from a decent-sized set. Ask the questions in regular text and give an option to change puzzles. Switch out the library of puzzles occasionally. This will stop the vast majority of spambots.

On that same note, I also got an access key for the Yogscast servers during their 2019 Jingle Jam. If anyone wants it, let me know.

Again, first come, first served.


Um, is anyone interested in a CoD:MW calling card which features their charity fund? I don't own the game and Humble gave me a key that's only valid until Feb 29 2020; It'd be a shame if it went to waste.

First come, first served.


"PayPal needs your phone number to make your account more sec-"

Shut the fuck up. I already strongly dislike using PayPal. :blobhiss:

At least provide the possibility to use more than 20 characters in a password and/or TOTP/U2F tokens.

Remember: when you copy a link to send to someone

- remove the tracking bullshit after the ?
- don't copy link shorteners, those redirect through tracking shit too

Honestly, I can see myself use Pleroma in the near futureβ„’, on the condition that pausing or completely stopping apng and other animated images/emoji is possible.

Animated images that I can't at least pause really annoy me.

FYI, I'm going through my follows here and am taking any missing ones over to @mezzodrinker on the off chance that I actually have to use it one day.

I should probably mention that all libraries belong to me and I recently changed up the cards because I got some boosters.

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