Honestly one of the best features that introduced recently is the ability to grant location services only while using the app.
I wish this was an option for other permissions too 🤔

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What do you like most about Threema?

I just updated to 11, what do I need to turn off? 😂

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Three extra months should be more than enough to move all your contacts to Threema. 🙃 #WhatsAppPolicy #postponed

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Threema’s user base currently grows at the same rate as Switzerland’s snow cover! ☃️🇨🇭

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My 2ct to this whole discussion: I prefer honestly. It's open-source too, but offers a much better privacy since you can use it anonymously. On top of that, it's the only big that is compliant and being based in 🇨🇭 is probably also much better than being based in the .

You have to be naive to believe Apple really cares about the environment and doesn't just want to make more money, but this is a good photo of the impact.

"The amount of packaging required for me to buy the additional equipment I need to use my iPhone. All of this would have come in the phone’s box five years ago but Apple decided to stop including them to cut down on packaging and waste" - redd.it/kvp22w

My phone's USB port seems to be malfunctioning. The OS claims that there is water in the port even though it hasn't been anywhere near water and the notification is already there for several days.
I tried every software trick except for factory resetting it. I am not really in the mood for setting up the whole device again.
Did anyone have a similar issue?

Thanks @lefarfadet , @q and @tursiops for the explanantion 👍
So I guess there is no downside to doing it 🤔

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This option is new to me. What are the implications of this?

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Any tiling window manager fans here? I have been using i3 for a couple of months, but would like to dive into a dynamic tiler such as Qtile or xmonad. Any recommendations?

#workflow #linux #tiling #desktop

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When bought they promised to keep user data separate. Now they are merging it by February 8. If you don't agree to the new terms and conditions, you are locked out.
Now is your last day to switch your communication to something better like or .

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#QuiteRSS: A Free Open-Source #RSS Reader for #Linux Desktop - It's #FOSS

(I'm sure it's available for #BSD too)

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