Got COVID tested, my results are ready, but the website I need to use to get them doesn't work. Great.

A local police station was mysteriously robbed of all its toilet facilities. Detectives have nothing to go on.

Got a COVID test in a bit. Not looking forward to that, but I'm going to Italy so no choice. You have to have had a test within 72 hours of leaving. 😬

Inching towards a new phone, one drop at a time. Just collected two new lines and a sort of star shape in the corner... 😬

Saving whales isn't only about stopping whaling. Extinction events "within our lifetime". 😒 This is important:

I wonder what the environment cost of those little wire ties is? Because I get a lot of them around music and IT gear... 😬

Wow, I never knew this. In the UK my Grade 6 piano certificate would've counted towards my university placement points! I don't think the teachers "advising" us even knew that, certainly nobody asked!

Watching a bit of CBSN, Trump donor talking about the great job he's doing, text underneath? CEO of a Denver-based oil drilling company. Colour me surprised. πŸ™„

The kid's music teacher has upped the ante. We're doing this. 😬

Dads on bass, guitar and piano.

So apparently washing machine pumps have a filter. And it's amazing what they can collect over 8 years. πŸ˜‚ Well, we now know why it rattled while draining. πŸ™„

I didn't want to say anything last week for fear of a blip, but numbers for PACA and Occitanie looking much better for . Everything bar hospitalisations is consistently down, and if we look at the last wave hospitalisations follow infection rates about a week later (which is logical).

Weather is weird. It's been pretty cold here the last week, but I just went outside to turn out the patio lights before bed, and it's actually warm. Like, T-shirt and shorts warm! Actually lay on a sunbed for a few minutes and enjoyed staring at the sky.

I'm totally unsurprised to wake up this morning and read last night's "debate" was the political equivalent of a Bugsy Malone shoot-out.

Aww, that's a pity. My mum had the Helen Reddy record 'Free and Easy' on vinyl and I used to listen to a *lot* when I was a kid...

I don't know if this is a Lincolnshire thing or a parrot thing (or a parrots in Lincolnshire thing?) ... But I remember a transport caf in Lincolnshire having the same problem about 30 years ago with a parrot by the door. πŸ˜‚

A joke which only works on the legacy Internet :)

QT ben_nuttall: Ok this is pretty good

I've found somebody selling soundLAB instrument cables for sensible money! Yay! I highly recommend, they're long, extremely good quality and fluorescent so hard to lose when packing up! 😎

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