I'd be happily proved wrong, but I think the Democrats will get their arses handed to them again by Trump in November if they run with Biden. Same political 'old guard', he'll trot out all the same rhetoric that worked last time and it'll probably work again.

Catching up on meeting notes from in the UK discussions, all exciting stuff, great to see it progressing! If you're interested, there's a Slack channel here: app.slack.com/client/T06GX3JTS And the main groups thread is here: groups.drupal.org/node/535604 Please RT. πŸ™‚

Ordered a couple of new vegetarian cookery books, one Indian and the other Mediterranean. πŸ˜‹

The UK police don't like the idea of teenagers using Tor to help secure their privacy. Which they should be encouraged to use and protest. It's going to be their planet longer for them than the rest of us. #RFC1984

#RFC1984 where the police issue a prevent guide to find extremism in young people "In the guide, people are advised to listen and look out for young people who β€œneglect to attend school” or β€œparticipate in planned school walkouts”" so when is the next stage re-education camps?
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Watching the BBC Click summary of EVs, amazed they didn't mention the Renault ZoΓ©. They talked about the new VW, but it's more expensive and Renault have been doing EVs for knocking on 10 years now, so in terms of experience and credibility Renault are streets ahead. They were building EVs while VW were still designing ECUs on diesels to cheat emissions tests. πŸ™„ Surely they earn a mention? The ZoΓ© is certainly selling very well here in France.

Just discovered the 'deja-dup' backup client for that provides a GUI over Duplicity. Brilliant! 😊

Le Creuset Han Solo In Carbonite Roaster

Yes.. but also, no. Maybe if they came out with an entire set then maybe more yes.


I swear weekends are more tiring than my 'working week'. πŸ™„

Daftest cat ever. None of the others let you roll them into a ball and squeeze them!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Just reflecting on how much American culture is embedded in me thanks to my late mother, and her parents when I was a kid. The USA has a lot of wonderful things about it. I hope it gets a socially responsible government one day.

Christmas Eve and my wife is cutting tiles. As you do. πŸ˜‚

Looking for a Christmas film idea for children. I'll trade you, I recommend Klaus: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaus_

In the 6th row of the ballet. Hope there's no audience participation!

Big wheel in the Vieux Port de Marseille. Impressive view! 😎

I'm proud of us. This video makes me happy. It's nice to have nice colleagues. 😊


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