Just signed up to pay @tursiops a bit of money every week for running tooting.ch. Nothing is really free, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are 'free' because they sell your data. @tursiops does not sell your data, so he needs to make money some other way to pay for the service. If everyone on tooting.ch paid him just a tiny bit a week, it wouldn't cost him money to provide this service for us. Make your happy: liberapay.com/Tursiops/

(This is also why I also pay for Wikipedia.)

The UK government says striking kids are wasting lesson time. I say the UK government should go back to school and leave the kids to run the country. Frankly, they'd do a far better job!

Bare feet, trod on Lego, stepped back on to *another* piece of Lego, transferred again but the first piece had embedded itself in the sole of my foot and was still there. Do loop. 😬

My son's tidying his Lego when he gets home.

Succumbing to a bit of Grand Tour on Amazon Prime, just to see if it's as dull as I expect it's going to be...

German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook's Whole Ad Business


Some good news to kick off the weekend with.


This is interesting - UK disaster management planner talks through the various things that he has to worry about: plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plym

Watching The Man In The High Castle. It's getting a bit mental.

This is somewhat heartening for me: mobile.interieur.gouv.fr/Actua

Official French government position if there's a 'no deal' is having a permanent job is a valid reason to get residency, and people who had a job prior to 30th March won't need a work permit. So that's something...

I guess it's time to update your Android device. Ahem... I meant it's time to pray your manufacturer of choice decides to provide an update for you.


"...that could allow a remote attacker using a specially crafted PNG file to execute arbitrary code..."

I'm not sure the music school at Laudun is ready for this. 😂 9 year old on drums, his dad on guitar and me on bass and vox. School of rock! 🤘😎 m.soundcloud.com/greg-harvey-9

Anyway, mission accomplished. Got my cables back. They're great for live work, nobody ever accidentally takes your florescent pink cable! 😂

Still convinced we lost at least one box of books when we moved, seven years ago. Exhibit A, a dust cover with no corresponding book... 🤔

I also filed Complete Guide To Childcare under pets. I'm probably evil.

Tidying my bookshelves (having emptied them to retrieve a couple of cables I foolishly routed behind them five years ago) and found a Bible. Filed it under history and biographies. Why not?

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