Adding GM to my shit list. Casually browsed for the Chevrolet Volt because I was curious about how it works, didn't even go on their website, but somehow got unsolicited *email* the next day. Very wrong. What the marketing automation zealots don't realise is this sort of shit will make me deliberately NOT look at any GM models I'm next actually shopping.

So there's a rave in the forest behind the village tonight. That's smart. πŸ™„

Also, started using Atom again, the Git integration is quite nice. Don't think I'll install the monster that is Eclipse on this new computer.

Done, latest code is just running through Travis CI now. 🀞

Think I'm *almost* ready to push take 2 of my changes to the sync application @klausi has written.

Getting used to an Italian keyboard. If you're an anglophone who needs to write in French or Italian but you're used to QWERTY, Italian layout is the best, IMHO.

Got my NAS drive back on ext4. πŸ˜… This'll make life easier. Not that there's anything wrong with ZFS, just it's not native to and it doesn't upgrade gracefully on

Thank goodness for #QubesOS and appVM firewalls.

Nice try Westpac (my bank), trying to connect to google ad services after I’m logged in πŸ™„

It should not take a highly skilled I.T expert using a fringe OS and diligent opsec to adequately self-protect banking activity from an advertising conglomerate.

I've been invited by KLM to donate any airmiles I have to French hospitals. Nice idea, that. Think I will!

Curious about this carbon capture system, I wonder if it's snake oil? πŸ€”

So the Volvo has a flat battery. And I filled it full of smelly garden waste before I tried to start it. So now I have a dilemma, try and get a neighbour to jump-start it, or unload the smelly garden waste. Sigh.

Quite pleased with my tweaks to the sync script @klausi wrote for Tweet <-> Toot sync. If I want this to go to Twitter I have to use the hashtag, otherwise it stays here on Mastodon. 😎

PR is here:

For the impatient, my repo is here:

And hopefully not this thing, as there's no hashtag, so it should be ignored. 😎

And vice versa, trying to something to Twitter. 🀞

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