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Planning to take the kids to Asia next summer. Saving like crazy, but it's going to be so much fun! 😎

Mind you, when you find yourself hoping Gove wins you know it's a poor field.

Please do not let the UK have a Prime Minister Johnson. 😢

Watching The Purge, set in 2022. Still time for Trump to make this a thing. 😬

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It's probably my ignorance, but I don't understand what Iran would have to gain by damaging some oil tankers in UAE waters? What's the play? 🤔

Vraiment, arrêtez, n'en jetez plus : Les téléphones Huawei vont finir par être les meilleurs du marché ! 📱
« Facebook n'autorise plus Huawei à préinstaller ses applications sur ses smartphones »

Something really different about the light in the south of France, I was watching British TV, the women's football team arriving *somewhere*. I thought to myself "that's here!" and a few moments later the commentator announced it was Nice. All I saw was the light and a sliver of buildings and sky and their bus, but there was something about the quality of the light that was uniquely 'here'. Weird! 😎

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Someone's gonna be so fired. Probably more than one person...

Well, I've witnessed a pretty astounding wipe-out of a VMware private cloud this afternoon. They've literally turned the datacentre off and on again and it's still fucked. Wouldn't like to see the bill they end up getting when they inevitably call out VMware consultants to figure out wtaf is happening! Glad it's not my job to do the DR testing on this shit! 😂

Dear white goods designers. The humidifiers you design are most likely to be used in someone's bedroom at night. Thus while you might think that bright blue power LED gently says 'acqua' to the end user, I tell you it's really screaming 'MURDER DEATH KILL' to the poor bastard who's trying to sleep alongside your gurgling light-show. If you must have a power LED, for fucks sake make it soft red. 😤

Tim Cook "sought to focus on Apple's products and customers rather than his personal life" according to Wikipedia. He must be loads of fun! 🤔 Each to their own, I guess, but what a life...

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