Turns out this was two colliding issues. Firstly, something I copied without noticing deliberately removes all logs to save image space and that was confusing me. Then secondly, a rogue whitespace was halting the cloud-init script. Yay.

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Tell a lie, I thought I saw the same behaviour with a simple echo command, but no... seems it's something in my script causing this, but I have no idea what. 🤔

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Can someone with an AWS account humour me? Open Lightsail, create a new instance, Linux -> OS Only -> Debian 10.8, put anything in Launch Script (I used `echo "Hello World!"` just to have something) and start the instance. I'm seeing it hosed once cloud-init is done. Every. Time. I can't replicate it with an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS instance, that seems to behave. I have no idea what's causing this, because one of the things it seems to do is delete all the logs! 🙄

"... I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold ..."

Anyone else using the amazon.aws.aws_ec2 inventory plugin seeing it's returning duplicate hosts? We're seeing each instance appear twice in the host groups, once for the internal IP, and again for the external IP. It used to return one or the other depending on network context. Please RT!

Well. That was a show. Let's just say
Geckos 1 - 0 Hornets

Aww, this is sad - I remember him well, he always had a smile, encouraged live music, always time to chat, lovely chap. He also introduced us to the wines of Domaine de l'Aqueduc in Uzès.

RIP, Denis.

Just remembered I need to add @klausi 's sync app back in though! 😎

I do love though. New computer. Install the packages I use, rsync my home directory from my old machine, carry on! All my app settings are there, browser history, IDE config, everything just as it was. 😍

IPv6 (please boost when you vote)

For anyone interested in the resolution, I ended up doing this:


Thanks @mansr for pointing me in the right direction. This seems to work well, ideally I'd prefer not to have to reload services, but this is a solid solution. 🙂

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Dear Internet, does anyone know of a reliable way to unmount and remount a file-system with a script, without rebooting the server? Because I'm struggling to find one. RTs gratefully received!

Just booked a return from Nîmes to London on the train for the first week in July. €500 for one adult. That's choosing the cheapest tickets. No wonder people take cheap flights, but there's something very wrong when flying is *significantly* cheaper than the train. 😭

Has anyone seen cases where a database totally locks a database but is totally fine with vanilla ? Because we have. And we have no idea why! 😕

MariaDB RDS instance sitting at 100% CPU for over a week trying to run the same query, no problem with MySQL.

EV rant! 

Worst thing is he's LITERALLY a nuclear physicist!! How can he not do the maths?? He EASILY spends €500 a month on fuel between he and his wife, he can lease a BRAND NEW Dacia Spring for €150 a month and halve his "fuel" bill (if he keeps one ICE car).

I can't even.

Why is it that all logic escapes people when something is "new", thus "scary". (Or politically charged.)

And he's been living next door to someone with an EV for the last 3 years, it's not like he has no reference.


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