Someone opens a mouth mask and makes a huge discovery! No mouth masks for me!!!1!!1%1!!! 😷


So far, I’ve come up with a 36 point plan.

QT lifehacker: How to stop yourself from overthinking everything:

:blank: :balloonline_s: :blank: ALWAYS HAVE BEEN
:blank: :balloonline_s: :blank: :balloonline_s:
:beret_r: :balloonline_sw: :blank: :balloonline_se: :blackhat_l:
:body_phone_e: :blank: :blank: :blank: :body_s_w:
:legs_stand_e: :blank: :blank: :blank: :legs_stand_w:

Can anyone recommend an alternative navigator to Google Maps? It really pissed me off today!

Gah. Just realised I totally forgot to file my Confirmation Statement with UK Companies House. Hope I don't get a fine. πŸ™„

"Latest Firefox rolls out Enhanced Tracking Protection 2.0… ETP 2.0 clears cookies and site data from tracking sites every 24 hours… cookies that use workarounds to track you"


Critical moment now for our region. Average of 64 cases a day, last time we were here by the end of the week it was over 100 and a week after that ICU usage spiked to max. That said, at the time it was +ve tests at hospital, whereas testing is much more widespread now, so hard to draw comparisons. If we see 100+ cases per day in Friday's numbers for Occitanie, that will be bad though. We'll be on the same curve as last time.

Just had a night swim. The pool is 31 degrees! πŸ˜…


Meanwhile, a 2nd wave of is definitely starting in France. We'll see in about 4 weeks time if the measures in place contain it or we're heading for a new lockdown. At the moment the curve looks like it did mid-March, before the real "Oh shit" moment hit.

No lockdown protects jobs? Eurozone suffers worst contraction ever, an average of 12% across the block. Bad, right? But the Bank of England expects the worst contraction in 300 years, the UK economy fell 19% in the 3 months to May. And the USA is looking at a contraction of 33%.

Happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day to all my sysadmin/sysops friends! Particularly @mig5 - hope things are good, sir!

Happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day!
I'm a sysadmin of 20+ years and big shout outs to @phessler for keeping ticking along, and the other fediverse instances that are doing good works here!

Solidarity with those sysadmins in shit jobs! I feel your pain and have been there many times. βœŠβ€‹

When the servers are running smoothly, no one notices anything until they go down!

Take good care of your users and use your powers for good!

I'll take my computer with me, just in case, so I can still work!

Continually astounded by all the "angry and upset" British holiday makers who ignored the unwavering Foreign Office advice to NOT TRAVEL and now find themselves quarantined when they get back from Spain. World's smallest violin for the people who ignore the warnings and get caught out. I'm not really comfortable that we're going to have to travel to Switzerland for a long weekend, but I won't be moaning if I get stuck because of - it'll be my own fault. 😬

Yay! DrupalCon Europe proposal accepted! I'll be talking about open source marketing tools like Mautic and how to do tracking and marketing without being accidentally evil. Can't wait!

TIL if you have a car accident in France you should call your insurance company while filling out the 'constat', cos if you get it even a little wrong then the twat who rear-ended you while trying to overtake will get off scot-free. 🀬

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