My daughter's bored so she's cleaning the terrace! 🀣

Blog for @codeenigma about bringing @____lighthouse to our local dev stack with for automated local and server-based testing for and more. 😎

Summertime. Sounds like everyone's having dinner in the garden tonight.

With the family away for a long weekend it's really weird to be rattling around this big old house on my own... 😐

My computer was almost unusable this morning, I finally noticed why. (This has happened before, but I forgot.) gnome-software was downloading something HUGE in the background and eating all the bandwidth. There are no settings for it, you can only kill automatic updates entirely, not throttle them or set a time window. This is really poor. πŸ˜₯

Long read on how our very reliance on the Internet is impacting our ability to hold on to collective knowledge and review history. We lack the mechanisms for preservation we once had with paper, and it's dangerous:

Sweet mother of vegetables, we're going to be eating courgette all week! 😬

Had to shut the boys in because the vet's coming tomorrow morning. Which is nice, as we practically don't see them in summer. πŸ€—

A grown-up in the music industry. Thank goodness.

Elvis Costello defends Olivia Rodrigo over Brutal plagiarism claim - BBC News

I put up with the beach for the lunch in the port of La Grande Motte after. πŸ˜‹

@pm98zz_c Btw, ce-provision is done and I *almost* have ce-dev working with Python3 and Ansible 2.11.x. Sheesh, that was a battle. πŸ˜‚

Last day of the year for English class in Saint-Victor this morning, the CM2 are moving on to college (secondary school). They all made me pictures to say thank you. Genuinely touched. Have to admit my eyes may have watered a little. ❀️

Second COVID jab earlier. Let's see if I get any side effects tomorrow. 😬

UzΓ¨s finally starting to look "normal". Drinking a beer in the Place aux Herbes. πŸ€—

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