I appear to have damaged my knee somehow. I have no idea how or when. I was fine, then I wasn't. 😬

Great Fully Charged Show episode, Norway doing what every other 'western' government SHOULD be doing:


Question - is anyone aware of a cheap, tripod-mounted, traffic monitoring radar? I'm not after catching anyone, just making the case for traffic calming with statistics. Struggling to find anything a private individual can just buy that isn't silly money! Please RT!

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

Flipping back and forth between leasing an EV again in November or buying second-hand. It's frustrating, it bothers me to go "new", but we're just a little too early in the development of the EV market. The cars with good range ('autonomie') are still too expensive. People want 35.000€ for a 2-year-old ID.3 with 30.000 kms on the clock, it's just too much money compared with the cost of a lease... 😐

Pretty chuffed with today's progress, our ce-provision tool can now pack an AMI from an existing autoscaling group that includes the application code, which makes scaling events almost instant. We can trigger this with an API call after a code deployment. 😎

This is awesome. Actual, viable, cheap ICE to electric car conversions are in the pipe: youtu.be/98mlJ1N50DU

Cheaply converting ICE "runabouts" to viable EVs is just huge.

In other security incidents, if you're wondering if you're impacted by the Spring Core vulnerability people are getting excited about, they wrote a blog and it has a checklist:


(Related: Jenkins is fine - jenkins.io/blog/2022/03/31/spr)

So this is a bit of a howler:

If you're dealing with it today, this command disables the 'standard' GitLab sign-in form:

gitlab-rails runner 'Gitlab::CurrentSettings.update!(password_authentication_enabled_for_web: false)'

Had a great week off with the family and, at 44 years old, I got my 'Deuxième Étoile' from the École de Ski de France. 🥳 🏅 😂

Planned to grab takeaway pizza and eat it with my mother-in-law this evening. But muggins here is still COVID positive (although I feel fine) so my family has abandoned me at home and gone to eat pizza without me. THANKS, GUYS. 😉

Joking aside, glad I self-tested, don't want to be giving COVID to an 80-year-old with COPD. They're not kidding when they say to be careful for 14 days after infection.

Si la chasse était un problème de citadins, ça serait réglé depuis longtemps. Vous imaginez vous faire tirer dessus en plein quartier latin, parce que Michel 58 ans vous a confondu avec un très gros pigeon ?

So I finally got . Being fully vaccinated, happily it's just a sore throat and feeling a bit crap. Still, it's messing with my sleep so I'm a bit cranky. 😉

Interesting one this. How come Tesla can release software that basically purposefully breaks the law when nobody's looking and talk about it without getting in trouble? 🤔


Related: amateur musicians, if you can it is totally worth investing in three or four really good microphones. I'm not talking spending thousands, but hundreds for sure. Makes all the difference.

Wow, did a recording session with my daughter and her music teacher. Listening to it now to work on a master mix and there's almost nothing to do! It's fucking perfect! Was thinking I might add a touch of compression, but it doesn't need it. 😲

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