#Signal is great and a good step forward, but a few problems remain that we (as a society) and Signal needs to solve. 🧡

I think I've figured out why I've been getting weird random Trump fans following me on Twitter. Seems there's a Greg Harvey in the US who's an alt-right nutter with a semi-popular vodcast. I can only hope I disappoint! πŸ˜‚

God dammit, WhatsApp, Signal was just fine until you went and reminded everyone closed-source messaging apps can't be trusted... πŸ™„

This just flew over:

Left Paris, arrived near Marseilles, presumably with half a dozen critically ill COVID patients onboard (these are medivac platforms with 6 fully-crewed intensive care beds on board - they've been using them to relieve stretched regions).

So this is fun. Northern Zoé owners probably know this already, but the charging hatch latch has a return on it that allows it to fill with water. Which is fine, until it freezes and you can no longer close the hatch! 🀣

Couple of centimetres of snow this morning. Happily I left the snow tyres on the old Volvo, as they won't exactly be speedy to clear it and it's still snowing!

Can the standard iPad support an external monitor, or is it just the Pro?

My phone: "Hey, want me to lock less?"
Me: "Sure, how does that work?"
My phone: "Allow me to record video whenever you move me."
Me: "WTF? NOPE."

OH. So I'm using @brave on my personal laptop and I just noticed this - brave.com/tips/ - that's quite cool. Can we have it for too, please? 😎

This year I've mostly been feeling pretty grateful I live in a tiny village in the arse end of nowhere and work from home. Really feel for people locked down in urban centres.

Really touched by this, little present from the school APE (roughly the French equivalent of the Parent Teacher Association) for teaching English. I didn't even know they knew! 😊

I have unplugged them. Not leaving it running all night for the amusement of the cats!

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Got solar panels, got real time consumption data, started noticing how much electricity things use, horrified to discover outdoor laser Christmas lights use 600W! Resisting the urge to ban them and have an argument with the rest of the family. 😬

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