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@clacke @fitheach Are they the kind of monsters who just mash the tube on the middle rather than emptying it the only proper way, from the end?

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Il y a un an il y avait une à depuis continue le manger la colline.

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@TQ is our prototype of a tip jar for the fediverse. Sadly the website is offline right now and its not ready yet and this year we lacked the resources to push it forward.

How does it work? Artists put their payment information in their profile. Consumers can connect their account, get a list of artists they interacted with or shared content with and see how they can tip them.

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Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

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i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

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Dear open source users,

If the author of your favorite open source app has announced they stopped developing and supporting the app (because they're frustrated and possibly burned out), please don't suggest they do more free work so that you can continue using the app.
Instead, consider thanking them for their past work and let them know that you enjoyed their app.

another open source developer

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Reminder why Forums are great and Discord sucks.

Googled something I needed today and where did it lead me? To a post on my own forum 😅 with the exact fix.

Search engines don't get Discord but they do get Forums.

Put guides on Forums pleeeeaaase.

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@EU_Commission How can we not be afraid when you threaten to send our private communications to anti-queer authoritarians? Don’t tell us to not be afraid, just stop #chatcontrol

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Imagine #libraries don't exist, but there's this person who thought of them and is trying to convince everyone else about them.

-Borrow books for free? People are going to steal them!
-You can just come in to use a computer? Well that's just going to be abused by freeloaders.
-Staff? Who is going to pay them? Why should my taxes be wasted subsidising access to books for people who haven't saved and bought their own?

How many amazing things do we dismiss? What is our society missing out on?

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17 days till the suits pretend to care about our rights

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It has been almost 5 months since I started running a Snikket server. I only had to update once and that was very easy. I faced no issues as of now on the server side. The uptime has been 100%.

This is a blog post I have written on my experience

I found @snikket_im project chatroom as very helping and welcoming. They try their best to help newbies in self-hosting, which usually takes a lot of patience.

#snikket #XMPP #decentralization #FreeSoftware

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Petit tour en France avec le train.
J'arrive à destination et voilà que j'ai un mail qui me demande mon avis sur le voyage. Mais quelle daube. Ben le voyage était bien sans avoir encore plus de mails casse couilles. Allez, je me désabonne avec le lien dans le mail. "Votre demande sera effective dans 24 heures" non mais faut que le stagiaire aille chercher les cartes trouées pour le mettre dans l'ordinateur ?!

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