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Knapp aber historisch: führt die ein.


Twitter-Charaktertest für Lehrpersonen:
Wie geht man damit um, wenn man nicht gelobt wird?

It’s quite cumbersome, if not impossible, for an app on your phone to interact directly with a blockchain. So almost all Web3 apps rely on one of two companies, Infura and Alchemy, to do that.

In the early days of Web 1.0, some people thought “we’d all have our own web server with our own website, our own mail server for our own email,” he writes. “However that is not what people want. People do not want to run their own servers.”

Web3: If you want to get anything done and aren’t a programmer, you end up just clicking “OK” on a bunch of prompts that you don’t understand. This is a great way to get ripped off.


Macron and Scholz's idea of giving up territory as to "not humiliate Putin" is fine.

We just need to decide which parts of France and Germany to give him.

Eutelsat:We are aware of the European Union's intention to sanction three Russian channels, two of which are broadcast on our satellites, and we are ready to immediately cease broadcasting them as soon as the corresponding European regulation is published


Elon Musk realizing that 1) he overbid for Twitter, 2) it won’t be so easy or fun to “fix” (there’s already very free speech here and a lot of it is unpleasant, 3) he’s already bored and ready to move on to the next thing, which hopefully will be more meaningful.


+++ EIL +++ Elon Musk legt -Übernahme auf Eis - Aktienkurs bricht ein

Mehr dazu hier:

Bloquer des accès IP revient à essayer de légiférer la gravitation. Les ados ont probablement nettement plus de connaissances sur le VPN que les adultes.

Die naive Hoffnung, mit Autokratien zu wirtschaften und die Demokratie komme dann von selber, hat sich als falsch erwiesen

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