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I am looking for like-minded people in the fediverse for sharing thoghts, projects and information about woodworking, woodcarving and especially spoon carving. How can I find these people?
Are there any existing groups or servers with these topics?
Retoots / Boosts are appreciated!

As was the case with the original 2048 game, wordle is beeing copied and sold on gamestores (android, apple) because it is a web-app.

I'd like to improve my abilities on running long distances.

Anyone got good tips on literature about starting to run longer distances as a beginner?

Rich country pandemic drama:

- Vaccinate kids or not?
- Take Astra-Zeneca or not?
- Continue to mask or not?
- Travel again or not?

Rest of the world:

- Will we survive or not?
- When will we see any vaccines?
- Do our own leaders care?
- Does the world care?

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Don’t say Safari is always last. Sometimes we are first.

presenting :has()

“For example, a:has(>img) selects all <a> elements that contain an <img> child.”
— from

Also wenn man mich fragt, ist die Motivation für diese App eine ganz andere.
Diese AirTags sind ja "nur" nützlich, wenn sich ein Apple-Device in der Nähe aufhält. Das ist natürlich nicht immer der Fall.
Angenommen man würde jetzt eine App entwickeln für alle anderen Nutzer, das ganze unter dem Deckmantel Sicherheit (nicht verfolgt zu werden) zu verbreiten und Zack! hätte Apple plötzlich die Nützlichkeit seiner AirTags massiv erhöht.

What is the best way to create a timestamp-file in a backup created by rsnapshot?
I find it tedious to check when the backup was created on folders like daily.0 because the timestamp of the folder does not reflect the time of the backup.
I'd much rather have a simple file inside containing a timestamp.

I could always attach a && touch timestamp.txt ... to my cron, but I'd prefer to use a more elegant solution.


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CSS aspect-ratio is now supported cross-browser! It lets you set the proportion of an element's dimensions without padding-top hacks 😍 Read more in

Leute ich brauch eure Hilfe!

Hat jemand ein Tutorial, ein How-To oder sonst irgendetwas, das einem halbwegs fähigen Informatiker wie mir erklärt, wie man einen #elk in Docker einrichtet?

Also mit allem was dazugehört:

SSL Verschlüsselung zwischen den Diensten, Benutzerauth, Pielines, multiple Logs, Verteilung über mehrere Nodes.

Alles auf Version 7.XX

Ich bin so hart am verzweifeln, ich will morgens gar nicht aufstehen und in die Arbeit -.-

Not that I would classify planting a forest a boring task...

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I love the new video of Beau Miles about planting a tree every minute for a day.

His videos always remind me of the adventures, which lie beneath seemingly boring tasks and undertakings.


* {
box-sizing: border-box;

Doesn’t apply it to ::before and ::after pseudoelements. You have to specifically declare it again for those. e.g.,

.someClass::before {
box-sizing: border-box;

#css #dev

If you add an external drive to your linux system using fstab, use the uuid of the drive instead of the /dev/sdb1 (or whatever it is called).
After a reboot your system might just swap around those identifiers for different drives and you've got a wonderful mess.

You can find out your drive uuid by listing your drives `lsblk` and then `blkid /dev/sdb1` (replace sdb1 with your device name from lsblk.
Then you can reference the drive in your fstab like so:
`/dev/disk/by-uuid/<UUID> /media/MOUNT`

Wenn ich mir manchmal mein Mittagessen anschaue, muss ich immer denken: "Doch, da hat mein Vergangheits-Ich gestern aber Hunger gehabt."

Tell me you're a vi(m) user without telling me you're a vi(m) user:

So facebook wants to rebrand itself? Any guesses at the new name they might come up with?

I'd guess Horizon.

A very interesting read about why birds have different lungs than us and what climate change has to do with some bacteria a couple million years ago, which were unable to consume lignin.

This video explains why nuclear fusion is not yet, by a long shot, a viable solution to solve our energy consumption.
I did not know about this and find it very misleading for an experment which costs billions in funding.

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