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Introducing Threema Libre for Android!

🚫 No Google services to begin with
📖 All components are open source
📲 Exclusively available via @fdroidorg

It must have been very hard, solving Wordle in hard mode?

No, actually it was super easy, barely an inconvenience!

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Wordle 410 2/6*


Actually, it turns out, I had to recompile upower with the ios USE-flag enabled to get it to work with Apple airpods. Before that it would work with two separate non-Apple bluetooth devices but not if wither one was Airpods.

That is most likely a Gentoo-specific issue though.

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At the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, there is this art installation yhat looks like it might be part of a 4k demo.

Wordle 408 5/6*


We switched to "hard mode" three days ago. So far we have been successful nonetheless :)

I recently went on a quest to find a way to paly audiobooks simultaneously on mine and my Gf's bluetooth headphones.

My Fairphone won't to it. Apparently, Android 11 doesn't have native support for this.

My Gf's iPhone won't do it either. Apparently for that to work, we would both need headphones with an apple chipset.

Finally got it working on the GPD Pocket with pipewire and the 'combine-sink' module.

Cozy is a really nice audiobook player for Linux.

My old case for the has been getting looser and looser over time to the point where last week, the phone fell out of it while I was using it.

Got a new one. And this one is blue!

I failed today's . Such a shame. I had a 10 day streak before :(

I just discovered this site that is selling dashboards implemented in Microsoft Excel.

This is so absurd and fascinating and somehow pretty cool but also frightening to think people are using Excel for some of those things.

Chaotische Zustände bei den . Auf den EC 54 von Mailand nach Basel sind in Visp so viele Leute zugestiegen, dass der Zug nicht weiterfahren konnte. Es kam die Durchsage er sei voll, dürfe aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht weiterfahren und Leute ohne Sitzplatz sollen doch bitte aussteigen.

In Spiez warteten dann am Bahnsteig noch mehr Leute. Die liess man dann erst alle einsteigen, bis der Zug grpackt voll war, dann kam die Durchsage erneut.

The lids of my luch boxes have a very odd shape. Because of that they don't stack very well and so when I open my cubboard, they tend to tumble out and fall on my head.

Yesterday I got fed up with it and built a stand for them from cardboard.

I only needed some cardboard, tape and a knive. Didn't even measure, just freehanded the entire thing. Took me like 10, 15 minutes from idea to completion :)

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