Oh noes :( After upgrading to 3.4 I can't start the Android / Aliendalvik Engine any more :( Also Storeman won't start, either :(

Right when I hit the send button, the SMS app crashed. Now I'm not sure if the message has actually been sent or not :/ It was a really important SMS, too. I think that's been it for me. No more ... I'll just get an Android or an iPhone next time around...

Wonder when 3.4 will be released. It's been almost five months since the 3.3 pre-release.

Built a new prefix for my phone!

But this time I built it inside a qemu softmmu chroot and then copied it over to my phone once it was completed, rather than building it directly on the phone itself.

This made the process considerably less painful. And it means that this time around, I was able to build a 64bit prefix. Neat :)

@mntmn I tried to film it, too, but the 's camera app is bad beyond believe and it did not focus at all, no matter what I did :(

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Of course the Swiss COVID19 app doesn't run on . So now I'm carrying an extra phone with me.

Does anybody know: Does the app require an internet connection? I guess the battery would last longer if I turn off mobile data...

Fellow users: I'm using the XMPP client on . Every time it connects / disconnects an account, I get a notification. This can be very annoying. When I go to the cellar, for example, I get four of these.

Is there a way to stop Conversations from doing this? Or to make SFOS block these notifications, but only these, not the ones for new messages arriving in the app?

One of the great features of Linux has always been the package management. One utility to manage all the installed software.

Now is so broken, that I have 7 different mechanisms for managing software packages and their updates:
- Jolla System upgrades
- The Jolla store
- Openrepos.net storeman
- Flatpak
- F-Droid
- APKPure
- Android Apps with their own built in update mechanism


Since the 3.3 "Rokua" update, apps on my phone sometimes go transparent for no good reason :/

on is a thing [0]. I am no fan of Flatpak, but as things stand, this is actually a decent option. The KDE mobile browser Angelfish, it would appear, is definitely the best "native" browser on SailfishOS. Not exactly great, but usable for sure which is something that cannot be said for any other non-android browser available so far...

[0] github.com/sailfishos-flatpak/

3.3 Rokua allows to activate encryption on an existing installation. jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/art

While at it, I also encrypted the SD card: jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/art

LUKS is used in both cases. A solid choice. Still, due to the lack of alphanumeric lock codes, I'ma afraid the protection is rather feeble.

Upgraded to the latest version on my Jolla 1. The process was flawless as always. Pretty amazing that they are still supporting this device after more than 6 years.

The integration in 3.3 "Rokua" is pretty cool. The inclusion of images from Nextcloud in the local gallery is especially nice.

After installing today's update (, Rokua) on my Sony Xperia XA2 I can not start the Android engine any more. I have even tried re-installing it; didn't help either :(

Woot! Someone (tm) forked the Tooter app, a native client for , patched the login problems and republished it to openrepos.org


The prefix I built on my powered phone is generic enough to also run on a RaspberryPi (tested on a RaspberryPi 2). I successfully built a binary package on the pi and emerged it to the smartphone just now.

This is great news. Having a binary package build server is particularly useful on a slow battery powered device like a smartphone.

Woot! The latest solved the problems I was having when synchronizing calendars from OpenXchange. :)

I have uploaded my prefix for the Sony Xperia XA2 running . For the download link and documentation, check my website: vimja.website/prefix

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