By the way... @bleeptrack Did you have a chance to test @Chaos_99 's at ? I would like to hear the opinion of someone who owns an actual .

I hate that the OneWheel's firmware is closed but I guess much of what makes it such an amazing device is all the tuning that went into it.

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I can confirm that replacing the bearings on my has fixed the issues I was having with Delirium mode.

It works great now. Confirmed today in the first long OneWheel tour I've done in a while.

The board is so much more powerful and reactive in Delirium mode. Also it sounds like a sci-fi space ship when I take off :)

My is back from camp! Thank you @koma5!

Still a bit dusty though o.O

Next up is replacing the bearings. That looks to be quite the undertaking though, especially for some doing this for the first time o.O

Taking the to by public transport was the worst! So glad a friend is taking it home in his car. This makes travel much more pleasant :)

The combination of the Hoosier tire and the OneTail changes the riding experience quite a bit. The rounded tire makes the nimbler but also less stable. The concave extended footpad encourages a wider stand and improves grip, resulting in more strength and control over the board.

All in all the board feels more edgy and exciting, even at much lower speeds. I like it a lot!

Put a Treaded Hoosier 11x5.5-6 tire on my in preparation for .

The treaded tire gives me more grip on grass and dirt which is important for camp. Also the tire profile is rounder compared to the stock Vega tire, making the OneWheel more nimble.

While I'm at it, I also ordered the OneTail+

Looking forward to testing the combination of new tire and tail. Supposedly they make the a lot more nimble

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@glow since you keep asking me to do a kickflip on my here is the closest anyone has gotten to doing it:

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