Running in an container on the Vexxhost cloud to compile software for my mnt reform 2.

This is not off to a good start though - just syncing the repos takes longer on the VM than on the laptop :/

The world's smallest CAD workstation, running @FreeCAD on on a GPD pocket at the .

(Pen for size).

This takes almost as long as upgrading an ancient system :D Just a lot less exciting.

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I wrote quite extensive documentation on how to build and install the u-boot bootloader on the @mntmn reform2 using :

The new account is running on a new VM, using on , all set-up using .

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So just this week, two interests of mine have come together to present me with a new solution.

I've been looking for a tiling window manager for for a while.

This week, linked an article on the programming language. While looking around, I discovered the window manager which is written in zig.

It is packaged for (although in an overlay), works and its sample config is very close to how I use .

This is the best. Automated quality control for ebuilds. This should have been done years ago and by Gentoo proper and not just some lonely dev in their free time. What a legend!

Built a new prefix for my phone!

But this time I built it inside a qemu softmmu chroot and then copied it over to my phone once it was completed, rather than building it directly on the phone itself.

This made the process considerably less painful. And it means that this time around, I was able to build a 64bit prefix. Neat :)

The client runs fine on arm64. Now officially supported in :)

I've added the appropriate OMEMO key to my PGP signed list of keys, too:

@the_compiler The ebuild for qutebrowser on only enables x86 and amd64. But I suppose if I install it on arm64 it will still just run? Or is there a reason for why it should not work on other platforms?

Until recently, when running emerge against a package that required keyword changes, emerge would list all the required keyword changes in one go.

Now I have to run emerge, it tells me one single keyword change, I apply that change and then run emerge again, only to find the next required keyword change - rince-and-repeat.

How can I restore the old behaviour though?

Installed and successfully booted into on my mnt reform 2 beta! :)

Soo happy right now \o/

Cc: @mntmn

What is this? Suddenly Firefox and chromium won't build without Python2 no longer. It worked just fine the past 6 months! What's that about? :/

Moving the prefix from internal storage onto an SD card gave me a chance to test my prefix on the Jolla 1. It appears to be working just fine.

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I also tried copying the prefix to my Jolla 1 smartphone. Bash and emerge run. Unfortunately I did not yet have a chance to do any more testing - btrfs could not handle pulling the Portage tree m(

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