The world's smallest CAD workstation, running @FreeCAD on on a GPD pocket at the .

(Pen for size).

The other weekend, we brought @Toasterson 's old, broken down 2 to the .

I ordered the 2+ upgrade kit and the professional printing kit last night, so we can repair and upgrade it.

Then, we will have three 3D printers :)

This is the first object I have created from source using @FreeCAD. It's a replacement base for a table leg. I printed the first prototype last night at the and it fits. Finished the design tonight.

Trying to upgrade the 's server from 7 to 8 using leapp.

Man that thing is slow. And the messages are unhelpful. And then, after checking things for a very long time, it still exits with unexpected errors.

The VM isn't even especially messy...

Pretty sure it would be easier and quicker to just take a fresh AlmaLinux install, install GitLab and restore a backup. GitLab's backup is pretty amazing anyway.

But where would be the fun in that I ask :D

Heute im ein neues Tischbein installiert. Jetzt stehen die Drucker gerade.

About 22 hours into my second attempt at 3d printing a custom @mntmn 2 lid on my 5 plus at the

This thing is large enough and has warped so badly that the edges have separated from the raft :O

The new Creality Ender 5 plus glass plate for the printer at the has finally arrived.

Started another important 3D print at the . This one will take 26 hours. I figured I'll try without a raft this time around and instead trust in Ultimaker and Magigoo. Let's see how this goes...

It's an Ultimaker 2 extrusion DOWNgrade kit now...

You get all the pain of replacing the parts, PLUS it is worse afterwards :p

I have now created a shaped backing for the cutout, to minimize the material and weight of the thing. Before I had a huge rectangle at the back. Also all the distances now measure the same as they do on the original

Upgraded the web server from Debian 8 to Debian 10 today.

At the one of our chairs is missing the cap at the bottom of the leg. Unfortunately it is a rather complicated shape. After one year, finally someone with skill and patience sat down and designed a 3D model.

Right now our printer is busy. We'll make a first prototype later this week.

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