Finally found some time to cable manage my workstation at our new place.

I'm pleased with the result, which must be a first for any of my workstations I've had so far...

@vimja the cables next to the radiator? Isn't that a weird idée?

There is actually a good bit of space between the two, although the picture doesn't really show that.

It is true however, that my desk is in a less tjan optimal position. We are not as of yet, sure how exactly we want to arrange the room in question and my guess is that we will reshuffle at least once.

The cabling of the desk will hopefully stay the same though...

@vimja wow, that's super neat. Looks good!
It seems the computer case is lifted off the floor. Can you comment on that? Does it have a cooling advantage?

@frox Yeah, I have a bracket to suspend it from the desk.

There are multiple advantages to it I feel. The most important one to me is that I can easily clean underneath the PC. One less place for dust to collect.

I would think that it also helps to keep dust from entering the PC case, although I'm not totally sure on that.

Also, if you have a standup desk, the pc would raise with the desk, making cable management easier. But I don't have one of those, so that's not applicable here ;)

@frox something else I do, that is a bit more unconventional, is that I have the PC suspended next to the desk instead of underneath the desk.

I rotate it 90° to have the "back" side where all the ports are, face upwards.

It looks a bit ugly, but it makes all the ports super easy to reach, directly from my vhair without having to reach awkwardly for a USB port on the back...

@vimja that seems like a good idea actually. I would think the cooling works better too, as the direction of the fan-induced airflow matches the direction of natural convection, with hot air rising.
I want a PC bracket too now 😄 was also thinking of getting a standing desk. Did your bracket come with the desk or did you add it yourself?

@frox I would totally agree with you on the airflow. But then I never tried to measure it or anything, so I can't really talk to how effective it is or if it really even does anything at all in practice...

I added the bracket myself. My desk is mostly an assembly of random bits my dad had lying around...

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