3D printing a prototype of my custom @mntmn reform 2 lid on the new Creality Ender 5 Plus.


Wow, this failed in a pretty spectacular fashion :O How can it have gone so wrong?

It would seem that the print plate was pushed off the printer and shattered. Also the print is pretty badly warped.

So maybe the piece warped, separated from the plate, collided with the print head and pulled off the plate?

On a less dramatic note, the print shows pretty severe under extrusion. That should be an easy fix though :)

@vimja FDM printers really need some kind of feedback mechanism. (Like "is the printer still in one piece" or "am I extruding into free space")

@x44203 @vimja From the photos and description I suggest the theory that the large surface print started warping which is a common issue for large surfaces. (Especially with ABS and unevenly heated beds or generally without a heated enclosure, but not limited to.)
The large surface still provided enough layer adhesion so the print would solidly stick to the bed.

@x44203 @vimja Then the printhead slipped over the warped part that bilged up, caught the item and a larger Y-axis movement separated the moving bed from the printsheet.

The ground impact where the sheet shattered separated the shards from the print. Cooling off is likely the reason no shards are still sticking to the print anyway.

Some printers (eg. Průša MK3(/S)) can detect when the print head is moving into an object or frame part causing it to skip steps. It can even compensate and reset.

@MacLemon @vimja Yes, some kind of force detector would be good.

@x44203 That's pretty much what the Průša Mk3/S does. The Trinamic TMC2130 stepper drivers measure current and can detect when they're being blocked and even detect if they're loosing steps.
These motor driver chips are significantly more expensive than what's usually found in entry level FDM printer, which is why too many printers don't have that feature. (I consider that safety relevant.)

IIRC this is implemented in Marlin, so you should be able to use them.


@MacLemon @vimja Meh, maybe a custom stepper driver could be made with an ADC + FPGA, that might be cheaper if done right.

@x44203 If you think you can do better or cheaper than what Trinamic offers, please go ahead! @vimja

@MacLemon @vimja Kinda got no time for that, though I'm about to design a motor driver for < 100 € for driving four phase motors, could be used for steppers too, if you need it to go a-few-hundred-watts fast xD

@vimja Okay, that's a failure mode I haven't seen with 3d printers yet.

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