What is the 's recommendation for an () client on ()?

I've had a friend test both Siskin IM and ChatSecure. But from what they told me, both would appear to be inferior to Conversations on Android. Can anyone confirm / deny this?

Retoot welcome...

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OMEMO is _not_ optional!

Just saying...

"Keine Verschlüsselung ist auch keine Lösung."

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@vimja If reliable E2EE is a strict requirement no matter what, I think you want to go for some closed silo such as WhatsApp or Signal or whatever. And maybe have another look at XMPP on iOS in, say, one or two years.

"Vendor lock-in ist auch keine Lösung." 🙂

@holger is there hope then, are there projects currently working on new / better solutions for XMPP on iOS?

@vimja Both Siskin and Monal are being actively developed, and both have seen great progress recently. There's still some issues, and OMEMO (esp. in groups) is one of those. But there's definitely hope 🙂

@holger Never heard of Monal before. Thanks, will check it out :)

@vimja Chatsecure was the best of the bunch the last time I checked.

@jamie @vimja @holger A bit sad to me there's 3 half-baked clients that still get regular contributions instead of focus on getting the same one to a decent state.

It seems that #Siskin, which is arguably the least community-driven one is making the most progress. So let's put our hopes on that one. It's also making a priority of MIX adoption, which seems like a good thing to me.

@stevenroose @jamie @vimja @holger The #Monal dev has his phases where he improves the app a lot and then there’s a few weeks/months with barely any update. But he seems to try to copy Conversations features, which is nice. Didn’t try Siskin yet.

@mbirth @stevenroose @jamie @vimja There's another two people working very actively on Monal for some time now. Most of that work is currently only available in some nightly builds, but will probably be merged into the stable releases soon-ish.

@holger @mbirth @jamie @vimja Oh that's very assuring! You're sure you keep to your statement of coming back in 2 years, then? :)
Hmm, yeah #Monal always seemed the most promising to me, after ChatSecure somehow got abandoned (kinda before my time, I suppose). Curious to try out Monal later on my gf's iPhone!

@vimja @jr I am afraid, I tryed them all. XMPP on IOS just is crap still! That is one of two only reasons to get my android device, because there I can work with conversations. This is the only app, it seems to me, that really wokrs fine.

@vimja I use chat secure I did not find anything better yet

@vimja we are working hard on Siskin - if anything is not working then please do submit issues ( so we will be able to address them :-)

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