I am looking for a great / commands tutorial. It should be approachable for someone who is completely new to Linux and the CLI. Preferably it is also understandable to those who have only little technical knowledge about computers but would like to learn.

Please RT / boost!

@vimja Hello, i know two ressources in french only:
1. Framabook: Unix. Pour aller plus loin avec la ligne de commande
2. Reprenez le contrôle à l'aide de Linux !

@vimja No Starch Press publishes an excellent book, The Linux Command Line, A Complete Introduction

More of a game than a tutorial, and limited to the basics (ls, cd, cat, grep, ...):

@vimja i did’s learning the shell. i had little prior knowledge and i liked the plain but thorough approach.

@vimja Ooh, we don't have any ideas but this sounds interesting!

[we already know the CLI, we're just curious]

man man
info coreutils

This has the advantage of teaching the habit of using both man and info for references and learning in the future.

@vimja I found this guide helpful, and learned a few things even though I wasn't completely new to Terminal.

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