It would seem that under Gentoo, sensors always returns the same temperature for the CPU (62°C), VPU and GPU (61°C). In contrast, the temperature for the SSD is reported to change from time to time as one would expect. @mntmn did you patch sensors under Debian or install a special configuration for it to work correctly? @gcc_addict

@mntmn @gcc_addict actually a restart seems to have changed the behaviour. A big yay for great software then m(

@vimja @mntmn
lm-sensors from gentoo repos without any patches and default configuration report temps correctly for me. Looking at the reform-system-image repo, I don't see any patches for sensors there - I would expect it should work out of the box. It probably was just a flaky run after all. So far the only thing I had to modify was the kernel config to suit my needs, and disabling one of the /dev/rtc drivers (the onboard i.mx8m rtc tends to lose time after powering down)

@gcc_addict @vimja ah yes, the snvs rtc should be switched off in favor of the dedicated rtc on the motherboard.

@gcc_addict we should probably create a dedicated page in the Gentoo wiki where we write these kinds of things down...

@vimja Cool! I'll write up a section about the RTC issues shortly. Thanks for opening up the wiki article, I'm sure it will come in useful :)

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