"Cars make us lonely." —Donald Appleyard, Livable Streets, 1981.

@tursiops While I don't doubt what's represented in the diagram - I'm curious as to it's source. I'd like to pass this along - but can't, in good faith, do so until I can verify the source of the data

@fcktheworld587 @tursiops @jlj And I have a bit of 🤦🏼‍♂️ going on since @tursiops also had that same citation in the original, but I couldn't see it while I was writing my reply. But anyway, still handy to have the links, I hope!

@tursiops a related observation: people are more likely to sit and socialize / enjoy a coffee together in a quiet square than a noisy cross roads

the car is a powerful, effectively industrial scale, device that became a mass consumption product

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