@berkberkman @tursiops Might want to update the USA around the west coast 😂

@tursiops I don’t believe ridicule is an effective tool in the vaccine wars, unless of course it’s your objective to get the anti-vaxxers to dig their heels in even stronger.

From the US perspective that’s what our ruling trash has largely done, perhaps unconsciously for the above effect, consciously of course to feel superior. Here unfortunately validating everything they said about the Right and science, even if most of them are of the “I F*ING LOVE SCIENCE!!!” variety where it’s a replacement religion for them.

At this point, I doubt anything but getting a serious case of COVID will convert them in the US, by which time it’s of course way too late.

@ThatWouldBeTelling Well in theory i agree with you, but this is just satire, it's just to show how the same arguments can be used in a different situation.

@tursiops “I was just joking” is a poor excuse for speech that does actual harm.

We to the right of Mao in the US are all to familiar with Leftist “comedians” who when called on their libels of us make that excuse.

Sorry to be so harsh, but in matters of literal life and death….

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