Ou l'on apprends donc qu'aucun piéton n'a tué d'autre piéton ou même ne s'est tué tout seul dans un accident de la route.

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@tursiops Merci! J'aimerais voir une normalisation par habitant.♥ Par exemple, il y a moins de motos que de voitures, non ?

@Sandra Many interesting questions: per km? per trip? per vehicle? with and without drugs? But then again, it's also a very depressing topic so I'm not going to delve deeper into it. Just saying that we had a discussion over breakfast about the car accidents without other vehicles involved and wondered about the 4400.

@kensanata Per unit of time travelled is another interesting breakdown.

Air travel is often cited as far safer than automobile, which it is measured in distance.

Measured in time travelled, they're far more equivalent.

Interesting thing with transportation is that ultimately populations tend to normalise for time spent travelling, rather than distance. (We tend to presume the opposite.) So that increasing rate of travel doesn't actually save time, it only increases distances involved.

The other factor of traffic congestion tending to consume the improved efficiency is ... another prime element.

@Sandra @tursiops

@dredmorbius The air travel question is what's usually on my mind because I wouldn't be travelling that far without planes in the first place; I think in terms of what I'm afraid of is: how dangerous will it be to step into that vehicle right now? So I suspect I'm actually interested accidents per trip… Each vehicle brings with it a certain distance distribution. But I might wonder about my commute: bicycle, public transport or car, how dangerous … per trip, I guess?
@Sandra @tursiops

@kensanata @dredmorbius @Sandra Well i use a lot the bike and one thing for sure is that when the bike uses the same lane as cars / trucks etc... the risk of accident is exponentially higher than when there is a dedicated lane.

@dredmorbius @tursiops @kensanata Moi aussi j'ai peur des voitures. J'ai arrêté le vélo quand j'ai déménagé à Stockholm et ça me manque tellement. 💔

@Sandra Moi aussi je trouve que l'utilisation du vélo est trop dangereuse ici à Zurique.

@kensanata @Sandra pourtant Zürich est une des villes qui fait le plus pour le vélo. Allant même jusqu'à faire des autoroutes pour vélo.

@tursiops J'aimerais bien savoir ou ils sont, ces autoroutes pour vélo ! Le 28 Nov on décide quoi faire avec l'espace devenant libre avec l'abolition de parkings. On verra.

@kensanata Per trip and per unit time tends to roughly correlate, simply on the basis that trips and travelling fit into life patterns (daily commute, errands, weekend travel, holiday travel, business travel), and that there ultimate budget for these tends to be time rather than distance (with a few exceptions).

As I was discussing earlier, with rail travel in the US and most Americans having 2 weeks of holiday time, spending 4 days in cross-country travel (by train) makes little sense when that becomes a half-day travel (outbound and return) by air.

Prior to air travel, people simply travelled shorter distances. Exceptions were made for long-range travel, though that usually amounted to business, relocation, or extended tours. Given the time involved, the stops en route were also typically included as part of the itinerary, rather than simply treeated as "flyover country".

@Sandra @tursiops

On en apprend tous les jours !
Où l'on apprend aussi qu'un mec en mobylette a réussi, dans un accident, à tuer quelqu'un dans un camion. 🤔

@zorglubu Va savoir... il a peut être percuté la cabine...

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