@tursiops can't make out the ppl on the podium. is that glättli in the middle there?

@absturztaube honestly I don't know. I just know there is Regula there

@tursiops it is indeed glättli.

thanks for the "zoom & enhance" :hehehe:

@absturztaube BTW I suppose you know him if you recognised him....

@tursiops i don't know him personally but he made some good stuff regarding digital politics

@absturztaube Well I count on you to vote for the Green party in the next federal elections then ;)

@tursiops we'll see. i don't vote by party because i'm more interested in the topics than the parties program

(let's say i am colorless politically speaking)

@absturztaube Well then vote for the person you feel would do the best job. Hopefully a green one ;) lol

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