It is not a special character, you fucking imperialist, it is my (first) last name.


@xiroux yeah I have the same problem with my family name because it has a squiggle

@xiroux @tursiops I thought it was called a tilda ? ¿ se dice «la eñe» en castillano o hay otra manera ?

@alice @tursiops In spanish, a "tilde" is the straight line in áéíóú, but the curly thing in "la eñe" (it is its name, indeed) is called "virgulilla", which is a really cool name. The Royal Spanish Academy accepts "tilde" as the name of the thingie on top of the "ñ", too, though, but I like "virgulilla" better :3

@xiroux You're so right. Virgulilla is a lot cooler. I'll adopt this name too. Thank you : ) @tursiops

@xiroux @alice well the more you know :) I certainly learned something today. Muchas gracias

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