Heyyyy, Fedi! :blobaww:

How are you? What are your hopes and dreams?

Do you need help making a project of yours more visible? What is it about?

Do you... Have a link for me? :ameowbongo:


@eloisa Hi you seem like a good person so let's talk serious ;) I run a small non-profit called fairsocialnet.ch and I would like more people to become members so that I can do more stuff for them. I already have a diaspora, mastodon. But I want more! Let's do it!

@tursiops heyyyy, is it all hosted on 🇨🇭?

And when will it wallabag and rss be a thing?

There's plenty of offers for fedi communications platforms, but those two grabbed my attention.

Wish you started with those, and email... :blob_grinning_sweat:

@eloisa Hi yeah they are 100% Switzerland hosted including backups and everything. I will make the two available once I get enough money to break even, at the moment I'm only 27% there Liberapay.com/tursiops hosting all of that costs a lot and I don't want to bankrupt myself.

@eloisa @tursiops I'm glad you asked! *Did you know*, that if you webfinger someone on a mainline mastodon instance, there's an Atom feed hidden under rel="schemas.google.com/g/2010#upda" at "https://${instance}/users/${user}.atom" ?

@falkreon @tursiops ooooh! This feels like something I should read in the morning. I'm too sleepy for it to "click" just right for me, right now. :blobpats:

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