So I left whatsapp again. I resisted forever then peer pressure made me use it. But in the last few weeks I asked myself if I really needed it and if it really was bringing me anything of value. Today I decided the answer was no. Even with my family and friends on it. For Everything you use make the same reasoning, if it doesn't bring you anything, then leave it.

@tursiops Signal all the way for me. I left WhatsApp and told my friends where I'd be and why they should join me. 😊

@greg_harvey yeah same here, I'm even thinking of maybe creating a matrix node on my server. Already running an xmpp server, but I only discuss with one person on a regular basis

@tursiops Nice. I was looking at an xmpp app the other day and thinking that's a good idea. I'd forgotten all about it after ICQ! 😂

@greg_harvey I just use chat secure for xmpp it works pretty well

@tursiops good for you. I got family into Signal, they were willing to give it a try and so far so good.

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