@JPEG it says it has in app purchase, it bothers me because if I pay for an app I don't want it to have additional purchase options on top

@tursiops I can totally understand that and I'm usually in the same boat. This, however, is a tip jar if anyone chooses to pay anything additionally to show some love. All features are there without that too from the get-go!

@JPEG ok thanks for the info. I'm currently using amaroq anything that really should make me switch?

@tursiops The beautiful design, the amount of customisation available, the Apple-centric features like 3D Touch, Siri Shortcuts, Watch app, iMessage Stickers, Share Extensions, etc. And gestures.

@JPEG it's working on ipad, OMG! I was looking for an ipad app since forever! Worth every penny!

@tursiops Awesome, really glad to hear it! For now the iPhone version is still better but hoping to bring the iPad app to the same level soon.

@JPEG one thing though when logging in I have two factor activated and I cannot leave the app to go to my auth app to get the code because when I come back it resets everything so I have to use my phone to login to my ipad and vice versa.

@tursiops Ah! I'll admit I haven't previously encountered this scenario as I've never considered 2FA. Thanks for alerting me about it. I'll investigate!

@JPEG while I'm at it, before I had a nice feature where I could add as many columns I want with the # I want to watch in particular, so is that a feature I haven't found or not a feature at all? Also could I resize some columns to another size? Thanks!

@tursiops That's not there yet but planned (which is why I find the iPad app is lesser than the iPhone app), will be recreating some parts of the iPad app.


@JPEG ok good to know. I'll be waiting patiently then

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