Anyone running their mastodon instance using a cloud hosting object storage service (s3, etc)? I am in awe at how fast the storage needs of are growing. #mastoadmins

@jerry I'm using s3 compatible service and its working pretty well.

@tursiops what service are you using, and how expensive is it?

M8, if you could bind a network drive (sshfs) to your main mastoserver, seedboxes are cheap per dollar.

@m4iler @tursiops seems like performance would suffer. Client needs to make a connection to, which has to request the file from the seedbox, which effectively uploads to, which then gets sent to the client.


@jerry @m4iler my server is in Switzerland so the data has not much to travel and with good bandwith between the two services it helps. At least my instance performance now cannot be perceptively noticed. Maybe with numbers it's indeed slower but I use it every day and to me it's imperceptible

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