It's not easy to find and follow people who write about things I'm interested in Mastodon. I would be very grateful If you can get me some recommendations who to follow 🙏

I like posts about:

®️ #IntellectualProperty: #copyright, #copyleft, #trademarks, #patent law, etc.

🎨 #ArtHistory

🎸 #PunkRock, #Grunge, any good #music

⚖️ #Constitucional law, #HumanRights

👥 #Sociology

and any other things you guess I would be interested :)

(Boosts are appreciated 🍀)

@VGM you can browse all hashtags you have mentionned and … follow profile who send interesting thoots

@sebseb01 Thanks, it's a good idea! (quite obvious, but still good)


@VGM it’s baecause here you dont have any algorythm to select thoots you like and hide others.

it more good for your privacy and freedom, but it need more work for construct your network

@sebseb01 Unfortunatley, a lot of cool people with good posts don't use hashtags :( Moreover, I can't see all posts because my instance doesn't see them. That's why I need recomendations.
Btw, I believe that recommendations from people are better than from algorithms.

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