@sjw @saga @p@freespeechextremist.com @nik @levi and a hell of a lot of good emoji to choose from would be nice, too.

@saga @nik @p@freespeechextremist.com @levi 5'8" just seems tall to me haha

@ivesen relatable. although i can't recall ever *really* making use of it. =\

@vamp898@mastodon.juggler.jp ok now i'm the same thing only at ignaz.org

@vamp898@mastodon.juggler.jp I was planning on moving to another server once I actually had a purpose for having one. any recommendations?

@vamp898@mastodon.juggler.jp Actually I'm 99% sure that I do. Let me just double check that it still works (I made one before having anyone to contact with it, yes lol)

but seriously if you only ever read one graphic novel in your entire life, make sure it's Sin City. the movie doesn't do it justice tbh
im really thinking of switching again. Tusky is crashing very often when it was a planned disbandment for a single shared master process, a lot of french fries that speak english.
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