I feel like I should have posted an but I don't know what that even usually entails. I never even used twitter and have never participated in a large microblogging network before. I think I've seen people just list what they're into so I'll attempt that, I guess? I love etc. I am against and the wars on and etc. I am also learning ! よろしくおねがいします!w


It's bad enough I'm gonna ask if you could tell what I meant and if I said something super weird sounding. I tend to only use what I've learned or heard said before so my sentences are often very short. I think maybe I should just go all in more and see if it ends up working. Like:


Thoughts? :blobcatpeek:

@murabito At the end of the day I'm still a learner too but I would be glad to help out as best I can :)

Personally I would have gone with something more like:


上手 (JOU-ZU) = Skilful

Rough Translation: "Nice to meet you! My Japanese isn't very good yet so I'll do my best!"
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