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I feel like I should have posted an but I don't know what that even usually entails. I never even used twitter and have never participated in a large microblogging network before. I think I've seen people just list what they're into so I'll attempt that, I guess? I love etc. I am against and the wars on and etc. I am also learning ! よろしくおねがいします!w

but seriously if you only ever read one graphic novel in your entire life, make sure it's Sin City. the movie doesn't do it justice tbh
im really thinking of switching again. Tusky is crashing very often when it was a planned disbandment for a single shared master process, a lot of french fries that speak english.

I'm legitimately not going to be able to handle someone saying they're a legal adult when they don't even remember dial-up.

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Some of your are alright
Come to fedi tomorrow

And the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and

Can’t believe it’s March already, time passes way too fast for my taste

@revolverocelot the original reason they were called MegaGames was because Tim Sweeny said a good game shouldn't take more than a megabyte.

One of my little dreams is to one day leverage demoscene tech like procedural asset generation to make a modern game with high quality sound and textures that'll fit a single 1.44MB floppy, just to make people go "what the heck?"

Check out .kkreiger for a working example :blobheart:

@rick Part of me just wishes they'd make something like the NES again
I have an NES that is being going hard since the 80s
I have a collection of NES games, they still work and will work for years to come, making a backup of them is super easy and you can save them on your PC super easily too
Repairing the NES is easy if a problem does arise and HECK it's just so good.
No patches, no DLC, no "Download only" bullshit
Just working games.
The Apple logo is the scarlet letter of tech
I wish Free Software Gay Ming was better than it is
There are a few games I like but ahhhh
Flat earth is outdated, get on with the newer conspiracies

I have yet to really come to terms with my extreme disappointment with the tech industry. Not just with the "techlash," but with many more personal things:

- burning out on being an open-source maintainer
- realizing that the browser industry is brutal and uncompetitive
- noticing how many tech influencers are just seeking out social media validation through Twitter or GitHub
- realizing that the frontend JS community is largely fad-driven rather than evidence-driven

I could go on

someone should make a movie where they just stalk zuckerberg

the end game of Pleroma is federated VR catgirl milking experiences
Hello everyone.
It's wonderful to see you all here tonight.
I have nothing to announce at this time, thank you.
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