A new MobTalker2 development version (0.5.2-alpha) for Minecraft 1.7.10 has been released.

For more information, please visit the respective forum post:

Hi! I've kinda gone on a spree, following y'all on different websites and such. (Please don't think I'm creepy, I'm just really sad and bored.) The main two reasons I was tryna get into contact with you guys were: A) I wanted to congratulate you guys, your mod is really cool and B) I wanted to ask if there's a discord server for this/if I could get an invite. I know I sound really sad and lonely, but it's 01:42 AM and I literally have nothing else better to do. <3


@HELL0 Heya o/
A) Thank you.
B) I'm afraid there is no (official) MobTalker2 Discord server I'm aware of, sorry. :blobsweat: The only thing we have at the moment is an IRC room which is kind of dead...

-- mezzo

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