Randomly looking at the Xorg log file, and WTF?

[ 12159.134] (II) config/udev: Adding input device SOUNDBOX (AVRCP) (/dev/input/event4)
[ 12159.134] (**) SOUNDBOX (AVRCP): Applying InputClass "libinput keyboard catchall"
[ 12159.134] (II) Using input driver 'libinput' for 'SOUNDBOX (AVRCP)'
[ 12159.136] (II) event4 - SOUNDBOX (AVRCP): is tagged by udev as: Keyboard
[ 12159.136] (II) event4 - SOUNDBOX (AVRCP): device is a keyboard

Uh. No? Those are bluetooth speakers?


@galaxis The AVRCP profile is used for the back channel from the speaker to the audio device, so that user input via buttons on the speaker (play/pause, volume control, etc) controls the playback.
I assume that this is mapped as a keyboard that types XF86 media keys. Do you see the same with other speakers?

@lx Ah! Yes, that sounds plausible, didn't think of that...

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