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Et voilà : la montée des véhicules électriques va faire chuter le revenu de la TPP et il faudra bien mettre une taxe !

EV Owners In Illinois Must Pay $248 A Year To Make Up For Lost Gas Tax Revenue | Zero Hedge


Is it me or the atmosphere is becoming thicker every day?

CIA Whistleblower: Assange Is Going To Get Railroaded By "Hanging" Judge | Zero Hedge


Tesla : encore un scandale qui se profile?

Tesla Buffalo Plant Exporting Most Solar Cells To A "Large Asian Buyer" As Solar Roof Demand Plummets | Zero Hedge


Quand les masques tombent de cette façon, il faut craindre une fuite en avant. Jusqu'où les usa vont-ils aller?

"Completely Unprecedented": Ecuador Gives Julian Assange Belongings To US Government | Zero Hedge


Une chercheuse canadienne démonte le gender (Vost)

Un avant-goût de ce qui nous attend. La vidéo originale de Debra Soh en anglais : youtube.com/watch?v=4BSb92OYA0 Mes chaînes secondaires (au cas...


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Hypocrites !

Torontonians eager to take refugees into their homes — until they meet “Mo” | Jessica Swietoniowski

bit.ly/2WYzJns Jessica Swietoniowski of TheRebel.media reports: Immigration is one of the hot button issues for the upcoming federal election. So, I ...


The EU Just Destroyed The Internet

Support my work on Subscribe Star: subscribestar.com/dave-cullen PayPal Donations Welcome. Click here: goo.gl/NSdOvK Royalty free images: ...


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