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ILM is using "video projection mapping" techniques now to set the backgrounds of the scene, using realtime 3D rendering with perspective correction from the camera pov. It has many advantages over green screen.

It seems nowadays their best solution uses out-of-range LCD screens that needs 5y to grow the crytals for (!) but used laser projectors and led walls too

I really think #blender #b3d #eevee could do the job here for small studios someday instead of Unreal...


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Et voilà : la montée des véhicules électriques va faire chuter le revenu de la TPP et il faudra bien mettre une taxe !

EV Owners In Illinois Must Pay $248 A Year To Make Up For Lost Gas Tax Revenue | Zero Hedge


Is it me or the atmosphere is becoming thicker every day?

CIA Whistleblower: Assange Is Going To Get Railroaded By "Hanging" Judge | Zero Hedge


Tesla : encore un scandale qui se profile?

Tesla Buffalo Plant Exporting Most Solar Cells To A "Large Asian Buyer" As Solar Roof Demand Plummets | Zero Hedge


Quand les masques tombent de cette façon, il faut craindre une fuite en avant. Jusqu'où les usa vont-ils aller?

"Completely Unprecedented": Ecuador Gives Julian Assange Belongings To US Government | Zero Hedge


Une chercheuse canadienne démonte le gender (Vost)

Un avant-goût de ce qui nous attend. La vidéo originale de Debra Soh en anglais : youtube.com/watch?v=4BSb92OYA0 Mes chaînes secondaires (au cas...


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Hypocrites !

Torontonians eager to take refugees into their homes — until they meet “Mo” | Jessica Swietoniowski

bit.ly/2WYzJns Jessica Swietoniowski of TheRebel.media reports: Immigration is one of the hot button issues for the upcoming federal election. So, I ...


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