Looks like LastPass have withdrawn YubiKey support too. 😱 Definitely time to leave!

BAI LASTPASS. Your change of terms finally made me do what I'd intended to do for a while and move to Bitwarden.

@neil It's probably the same piece of paper they give to 22-year-olds with an MBA. How can you be a master of business administration when you haven't even left school yet? πŸ€”

@pm98zz_c Pff, il y a 5 ans j'ai fait Γ§a ! Β« Putain les anglais, savent pas conduire !! Β» πŸ˜‚

Woohoo, passed my French test for naturalisation! I needed to achieve B1 minimum, actually got C1 (which is a couple of hundred points higher than minimum). Yay! πŸŽ‰

Interesting thoughts from Barack Obama on France Inter - social media platforms need to be held RESPONSIBLE AND LIABLE for their content. We have developed a politics of lies and social media platforms propagate them in a way traditional media wouldn't be able to (they'd be sued). "We didn't write it" is a fig leaf that should no longer be an acceptable excuse for publishing it.

Curious BBC News is reporting Brussels as under the spotlight across the EU over supposed purchasing blunders, while French news isn't even mentioning it. bfmtv.com It's moments like these you realise Aunty really is state media.

It's been a while since the solar panels were fitted, decided to write up my initial experiences: link.medium.com/im0GGiYH9cb

I'm getting this too, but with . I suspect Brave Browser is doing something funky:

It's pretty consistent, after a suspend the next time you make a new tab or window with Brave gnome-shell crashes.

#Signal is great and a good step forward, but a few problems remain that we (as a society) and Signal needs to solve. 🧡

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