Last time I went jogging I hurt muscles I didn't know I had! Shorter distance this morning, hopefully it won't be so ouchy tomorrow. πŸ˜‚

So this is fun. Northern Zoé owners probably know this already, but the charging hatch latch has a return on it that allows it to fill with water. Which is fine, until it freezes and you can no longer close the hatch! 🀣

Really touched by this, little present from the school APE (roughly the French equivalent of the Parent Teacher Association) for teaching English. I didn't even know they knew! 😊

In 45 minutes time. 😬
and ... hope some of you can join me, I'll be talking about tracking without the evil with Drupal, and at .

I can think of few cats that would be happy to be wrapped in a blanket... πŸ˜‚

Looks cute, doesn't he? He just bit me. For stroking him. He's a spiky ball of malice. I do like him anyway though. πŸ™„

We got this from a recently retired client this morning. Best auto-responder ever! Well played. πŸ˜‚

Contrary to certain creature's beliefs, we did not buy these for the cats. πŸ™„

I'm in love with this little beauty. Le Clean from Two Notes Audio here in France. An actual valve preamp in a pedal! Genius. 😍

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