I am writing this from an Asus X58L whose keyboard has some keys missing and whose battery is completely lost. Apart from that, the laptop works as the first day! Do you know any reliable place where I could buy replacements for both the keyboard and battery?

@xiroux I've seen some compatible parts on ebay.

Battery: ebay.es/itm/original-vhbw-AKKU (a couple of years ago I bought a VHBW-brand compatible battery for my XPS 15 and it works almost as good as the original one)

Keyboard: ebay.es/itm/Teclado-Espanol-AS (my aunt recently bought a replacement keyboard for her Acer laptop on this shop, I'll let you know if it works when it arrives if you want)

@fdavidcl @xiroux i'm setting my eyes on the xps 15. not bad at all, but.. 💸💸
why it is worth that money? just asking to better understand :)

@jartigag @xiroux I'm sure part of the price is due to the design and being able to cram all those components in a slim chassis, but I think the XPS may also be way more durable than a similarly-specced cheap laptop (mine is 5 years old already and working like new with only its battery replaced). Although if you want extra durability, Thinkpads are a great option as well.


@fdavidcl @jartigag @xiroux +1. We set a business life of 2 yrs on laptops, but the XPS machines easily do 3+ with no issues. Also ThinkPads. I have a very old T520, two X1 Carbons (first gen) and a T450s, all of which are running perfectly with zero maintenance. One of the X1s even got dropped on a tile floor! 😣 And my actual work machine for now is a T480s, only criticism is I believed the marketing about the internal battery. 🙄 But yeh, bulletproof!

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