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WebAssembly is even worse than app stores.

There’s no way to check that you’re getting the same binary as anyone else at the same server. Maybe they just mine crypto every second Tuesday night on five random peeps.

Also with app stores you at least get to click yes before a rando stranger gets to run binaries on your machine.

@selea haha, is this actually a thing or just a Photoshop?

@coastal_jelly As for audio quality, the Shanon Nyquist theorem basically says you can perfectly recreate the signal with enough samples.
Which is something I also find quite magical. By taking samples of the sound wave often enough, you can reconstruct it completely.
Vinyl also doesn't have perfect stereo separation, which can make a difference in spatial perception

@coastal_jelly yeah, the ceremony around putting a record on and sitting down to listen to it is lost with digital media. The vinyl item in itself is pretty cool, looks like am almost flat, slightly heavy, burnt pancake, but mysteriously produces beautiful sounds. I still buy CDs sometimes because I like to have the physical item and the album art with it.

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My favorite social network is all of us having our personal sites and being subscribed to each other's RSS feeds.

@robby @arh even 5gb is a lot for what is mostly text. How does the storage get so high, is all the media in the toots, or caching media from other servers?

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having to wade through a minefield of different products hoping you find one that works is a problem brought to you by capitalism

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I just found out that literally every time I send or receive a message on Matrix my Matrix VM's CPU usage spikes to 100%.

I created a test script that would notify me any time the CPU usage spiked above 80%, and this is what happened:
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Hey #Fediverse! :awesome:

For non techie family, what #XMPP / #Matrix client do you suggest? I'm looking for something similiar to #Facebook / #WhatsApp in features (eg videocalls) and interface. It needs to be on #Android and #iOS, be #FOSS and *easy to use*.

Currently I'm looking at #Element, #Dino, #Snikket, but would be interested in hearing more about these or other recommendations.

Please boost as I'm sure many people are looking for alternatives for family right now.

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If you're a developer, there are lots of #Fediverse platforms which you can help out on:

BookWyrm (Goodreads alternative)

Funkwhale (Music, Podcasts and Audio)

Lemmy (Reddit alternative)

Mastodon (Twitter alternative)

PeerTube (YouTube alternative)

PixelFed (Instagram alternative)

Write Freely (Medium alternative)


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Il est temps de remettre une couche pour avoir une des personnes souffrant de déficiences visuelles, je vois de moins en moins d'images avec description sur Masto.

Mettez des descriptions sur vos images, Mastodon a une fonction pour ça et le web aussi, vous permettez ainsi à des personnes n'ayant pas cette chance de participer à nos échanges !

Merci ! 💜

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@chfo @siegi @pit joli jonglage ! Y'en a qui testent tout apparemment 😁

@selea @robots That's quite the collection. Are those just the ones you've gotten over the years, or do you use them for different things?

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Full text in RSS or short summary? Full text for multiple articles can take longer to load (my rss feed is already a whopping 400kb gzipped) but it also results in a complete offline copy, which is nice to have.

My site currently has full-text feeds but I'll probably switch to two feeds: one with full text and one with summaries. I'm just curious as to which option people prefer more.

So, should I get another router just because there are dirt cheap second hand ones that support ? (LibreCMC is basically openWRT without binary blobs)
Like 10-20$ second hand

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Fairsocialnet a été invité par 7at7 pour présenter l'association. Ce sera demain le 7 à 19h, plus d'informations sur
Avec @tursiops et @l4p1n pour présenter swissneutralnet

Fairsocialnet has been invited by 7at7 to present itself. It will be tomorrow the 7th at 19h, more information here
With @tursiops and @l4p1n to present swissneutralnet


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“This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot.”

how fucking presumptuous to assume “really you” and “a robot” are mutually exclusive

@robots @selea what models are these? Is the leftmost one a t430?

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