@georgespolitzer Question, Do you currently live in a country controlled by a communist party? Or do you hope that communism can take greater hold where you live?

@freemo Hi, new to all of this. I stumbled on mastodon through tooting.ch, but I really like qoto.org instance. Is it possible for me to migrate over to qoto?

@salixlucida what ever happened to ? Seems no one in mstdn has tagged it for a year.

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#Blockstack is now doing a #Bitcoin giveaway - works with existing Blockstack ID too.

If you haven't checked out Blockstack, you should - a great collection of free apps that can replace Google, Zoho, etc.


Anyone got a good open source bookmark URL manager they could recommend?

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Tokyo Olympics organisers reported on Monday 28 new Games-related COVID-19 cases, bringing the total since July 1 to 458 cases. #Tokyo2020 #LambdaVariant #DeltaVariant
#SarsCov2 #Japan


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Do you own your Tech? Or does your Tech own you?

Only way to prevent doors from opening, is to shut them, quickly.

1.) File scanning precedent, part of domino effect against privacy in all tech.

2.) Inspires more invasive #tech innovation standards.

3.) Human reviewers means *always* access to your files (for those commenting "maybe it's because e2ee coming 2 icloud!').

Only way to shut this box is vote with our wallets: Support #OpenSource.

#Privacy #HumanRights #Libre #FOSS #Linux #Apple

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Commie de Blasio, Granny-Killer Cuomo "exceeded" their executive limits by limiting worship services & condoning mass protests as the state continues to reopen from #CCPVirus restrictions.

bit.ly/WINNING_3eR0vYF #MAGA #TCOT #CCOT #GOP #Christians #Evangelicals #Millennials

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RT @ #@jenniferatntd :
" Latest figures released by China Mobile show that they have lost 8.116 million users in Jan and Feb. Where are these users now? Switched to other carriers? Or, they couldn't carry their phone to the nether world?
Chinese report at: bit.ly/2QxDobi
#CCPVirus #COVID2019 "
|#COVID_19 #Wuhanvirus #report #Coronavirus


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