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Diese Weltkarte ist aus meiner Sicht eine der bedrohlichsten Grafiken der letzten Zeit. Sie entstammt der Studie "Future of the human climate niche" von 2020 und hat meiner Meinung nach viel zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit bisher bekommen.
Fokussieren wir uns auf alles schwarze bzw schwarz schraffierte. Ganz in schwarz seht ihr die einzigen Orte auf der gesamten Welt wo heute bereits eine Jahresdurchschnittstemperatur von über 29°C herrscht, was ziemlich tödlich für Menschen ist, sind wir doch an ~13°C Jahresdurchschnittstemperatur angepasst. Diese paar Flecken liegen allesamt in der Sahara.

Schwarz schraffiert seht ihr welch gigantische Flächen bis 2070 laut dieser Studie hinzukommen wenn wir auf dem derzeitigen Pfad (RCP 8.5 Szenario) bleiben. Was Indien und Pakistan gerade erleben ist also nur eine Vorschau auf das Kommende. Ohne Berücksichtigung von Migration wären davon 3,5 MILLIARDEN Menschen betroffen.

Die Studie ist seit 2020 öffentlich zugänglich ( ). Militärs und Regierungen weltweit haben also Gelegenheit sich was zu überlegen. Wenn Staaten und Abermillionen Menschen jetzt bereits verstehen können bald nicht mehr bewohnbar zu sein....

#KlimaKatastrophe #KlimaKrise

Nice story about why_, the author of one of the amazing poignant guide to Ruby, and how he suddenly disappeared.

Fixed our company wifi by setting up a proper mesh network 😍

soft. ware.

basically hacker news went down yesterday and in this screenshot someone chimes in talking about it saying that they had a batch of SSDs manufactured by SanDisk all get bricked after exactly 40,000 hours (4.5 years) uptime because it overflowed an internal counter and corrupted the SSD's internal state.

someone from hackernews replies and says that the SSDs HN was hosted on were in fact SanDisk Optimus Lightning IIs and almost exactly 4.5 years old.

never trust a firmware

I've had the questionable pleasure of setting up a new android phone (not stock android) and I am amazed at how bad it is.
At every corner there is the question if you want to synchronize using google or another service, you have to opt-out of many stupid services and then there are a plethora of not uninstallable apps.

Hurt my foot on the weekend, now I have to pause running for a while which makes me sad :(

Soo question to all out there:

How do you plan your running activities/training? Do you just go? Do you have a weekly plan? Any specific goal or just run for the sake of it?

I only started running last fall regularly, so i'm curious how others do it.

Started moving my domain(s) to a new server this morning, experienced some hickups, panicked a little, tried to roll back a bit, now it somewhere in between, stuck in a nomansland...

Tomorrow will be better, at least there will be professional support :D


And even worse when Monday is a public holiday so you don't get back until Tuesday. 😆

Looking at a site right now. There are 27 Plugins.


This is madness.

Dutch news today. We still have more bycicles per 100 people than guns in US per 100 people


Not sure if I should go for a run though. Kinda tired...

Really busy day today, but also very productive . Which is good because otherwise I would have fallen asleep, after a night with very bad sleep.

@Gargron Maybe this was already answered, but why are Content warnings in Mastodon (sometimes?) labeled as NSFW? To me this makes no sense, since most of the time it is used as a Content Warning and have nothing to do with whether it is save for work :P
Also I'd really love a filter for blocking posts with CW without Text on what to expect....

I was wondering today; is the GNOME email application dead? There seems to little to no progress on the open issues, there are loads of merge requests.

It is a struggle because some of the bugs make it sometimes hard to work with on a daily basis.

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