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Soo question to all out there:

How do you plan your running activities/training? Do you just go? Do you have a weekly plan? Any specific goal or just run for the sake of it?

I only started running last fall regularly, so i'm curious how others do it.

Started moving my domain(s) to a new server this morning, experienced some hickups, panicked a little, tried to roll back a bit, now it somewhere in between, stuck in a nomansland...

Tomorrow will be better, at least there will be professional support :D


And even worse when Monday is a public holiday so you don't get back until Tuesday. 😆

Looking at a site right now. There are 27 Plugins.


This is madness.

Dutch news today. We still have more bycicles per 100 people than guns in US per 100 people


Not sure if I should go for a run though. Kinda tired...

Really busy day today, but also very productive . Which is good because otherwise I would have fallen asleep, after a night with very bad sleep.

@Gargron Maybe this was already answered, but why are Content warnings in Mastodon (sometimes?) labeled as NSFW? To me this makes no sense, since most of the time it is used as a Content Warning and have nothing to do with whether it is save for work :P
Also I'd really love a filter for blocking posts with CW without Text on what to expect....

I was wondering today; is the GNOME email application dead? There seems to little to no progress on the open issues, there are loads of merge requests.

It is a struggle because some of the bugs make it sometimes hard to work with on a daily basis.

Hier hat jemand einen etwas unterdrückten Lachflash im Zug. Muss mich sehr konzentrieren um nicht mitzulachen.

Starting the day with Strawberry-cake for breakfast 🤩

TIL* that it is not possible to use `::after` on an img-tag.

* It might be possible that I have already learnt this before but completely forgot. I'm sometimes astounded by the ability of my brain to forget things.

Really happy about my quote which got accepted by my client. This will be a greate project.

Let's get to work!

Merke: Mit einer Kieferklemme sollte man sich bewusst ein Mittagessen aussuchen, welches man auch zwischen die Zähne kriegt.

Auf keinen Fall sollte man sich für ein lecker aussehenden Burger im Takeaway entscheiden.

For getting my feet wet I've ported an older wordpress (singlepage) website to octobercms with tailor in about 3 hours.

It works flawlessly and looks beautiful (in the backend that is).
The result in the frontend looks identical to the wordpress version.

As much as I've seen from this last update it is now on par with .

Time to leave for good :)

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The new update blew me away!

I've been a developer working with october cms for a long time now.

Sadly not too many customer websites were done with octobercms mainly due to more effort for having a nice backend for changing the website content. (no customer wants to edit html or markdown files IMO).

In the newest version with Tailor this all changes because now I can make blueprints for each page / page-type and define which input elements are available for the users.

Ich muss dringend das Timing meines Arbeitstages anpassen. Öffentlicher Verkehr zu Stosszeiten ist nicht toll.
Dabei stört mich nicht mal die Menge Menschen am meisten, sondern mehr die Energie welche mich umgibt. Das ist irgendwie so anstrengend...

Was mir grosse Freude macht; mittlerweile an einem Morgen 10km Hügellauf machen zu können ohne irgendwelche Ermüdungserscheinungen oder Muskelkater danach zu haben. 😍🏃

Google, Apple und Microsoft schliessen sich zusammen um Passwörter durch Biometrische Zugangssicherung abzulösen.
Mir graut schon davor.

Der einzige Grund warum ich mehrere Stunden Lauftraining pro Woche absolviere ist, um mehrere Sekunden später auf den Zug rennen zu können.

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