@writingwoman Du musst sie nicht weiterleiten, sondern Mastodon-User können deinem Pixelfed-Profil folgen, boosten und kommentieren. Für mehr Reichweite kannst du aber dein Pixelfed-Profil z.b. im Mastodon-Profil erwähnen/verlinken.

Hurt my foot on the weekend, now I have to pause running for a while which makes me sad :(

@AnnaBK @plants Just checked with the PlantNet App, it says the same!

@AnnaBK @plants If it is a bush and has lots of needlelike spikes, then I would guess it is the same as I fell into a couple days ago whilst "driving" my bike 😅

As far as I know, it could be a Berberis thunbergii

Soo question to all out there:

How do you plan your running activities/training? Do you just go? Do you have a weekly plan? Any specific goal or just run for the sake of it?

I only started running last fall regularly, so i'm curious how others do it.

Started moving my domain(s) to a new server this morning, experienced some hickups, panicked a little, tried to roll back a bit, now it somewhere in between, stuck in a nomansland...

Tomorrow will be better, at least there will be professional support :D


And even worse when Monday is a public holiday so you don't get back until Tuesday. 😆

Looking at a site right now. There are 27 Plugins.


This is madness.

Dutch news today. We still have more bycicles per 100 people than guns in US per 100 people


@bjoerns Gutken können eigentlich immer gegessen werden, das problem ist eher herauszufinden, wann sie nicht mehr geniessbar sind. Je älter sie sind desto fester wird die Aussenhaut. Bei zu wenig Wasser wird die Gurke auch bitter, das möchte man meist auch gerne vermeiden 😀

Grundsätzlich würde ich sagen lieber früher als später und wenns mehrere Gurken an einer Pflanze hat mal eine probieren ab vernünftiger Grösse.

Schlangengurken/Nostrano natürlich nicht ab Cornichon-grösse...

Not sure if I should go for a run though. Kinda tired...

Really busy day today, but also very productive . Which is good because otherwise I would have fallen asleep, after a night with very bad sleep.

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