Soo question to all out there:

How do you plan your running activities/training? Do you just go? Do you have a weekly plan? Any specific goal or just run for the sake of it?

I only started running last fall regularly, so i'm curious how others do it.

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@aramloosman hard to answer that :)

I function much better if I have a schedule made with a goal in mind and stick to it. These schedules are usually months long, sometimes even a year long in case of a marathon goal.

Waking up and figuring out for how long to run and counting on my motivation alone doesn't tend to work well for me. I either run too much or too little.

Since you asked this a while back, I wonder how is it going. Have you found your running mojo already?

@absor70 Well I guess my mojo is just that I like to run :)

I have set myself a weekly and a yearly goal in km. My weekly goal is a lot higher than my yearly goal, this gives me space for times when I cannot run (due to injuries or not enough time).
I'd love to run more, but there is only so much time available in a day besides work and family.

I often change the type of run depending on my current feeling, sometimes longer or faster, intervall or hills etc.

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