I'd like to improve my abilities on running long distances.

Anyone got good tips on literature about starting to run longer distances as a beginner?

@aramloosman just tips:
Start slow, do not overpace. Speed comes with time.
Mix in short intervals (100m or so) with higher pace every now and then, as long as you are comfortable. Increase duration and speed over the year.
Check your calorie intake. When running long distances you will need intake over the course of the run. Snacks (bars etc) or gel will help.

Thanks for the tips, much appreciated!
I am really looking forward to when the days are longer.
My calorie intake was one of my main hinderances in the past, because of low body fat. Up to 10k it is no problem, above I need to bring food...

@aramloosman by the way, if you cannot stand eating while running, try to mix Maltodextrin into your water. It is almost tasteless and has calories galore. Buy from the pharmacy and test it if your body can take it. Some people get ingestion problems (dunno the correct english term).

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