I am so fed up with instagram.

I used to use the platform a couple years ago and there are many things I loved. The community was great. There are tons of people using the app and thus it can be a great source for inspiration and exchange.
Over time I did feel that it did not benefit me anymore. It was too much effort to get exposure and too much wading through meaningless content, influencers, ads etc.

After I quit I learned about mastodon and later pixelfed which fixed a lot of issues I had with instagram.
Yet it did never fully replace what I had there.

The main reason is ironically the bubble in which I was. I followed a bunch of people which produced amazing products and content. These inspirations were very helpful for me to find new ways to do my own crafts.
The exchanges were also very good.

Fast forward to today were pixelfed is steadily growing more mature; I still have not found my bubble. There are loads of people on the network, but I am having trouble finding the ones which are really relevant to me.

I do not care about travel, cats, selfies or artistic photography, which are the prevalent topics it seems.

I know I am part of the issue. I am not posting enough. I am not encouraging enough people to switch platforms or create an account on pixelfed to enjoy, create and share content.
However it is very discouraging for me to search for a topic I care for and see only my own posts as results.

How do you see this? What do you do about it? What can I do about it aside from producing my own content and hoping it will attract similar minded people?

@aramloosman I have hashtags set for topics that interest me, and I see a variety of posts popping up from different people (that is how I saw this post of yours) so it looks like it is working like it should (on #Mastodon anyway).


@danie10 That's also what I did. However I am not getting many results and find myself waiting for more people to join and create content.

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