I am looking for like-minded people in the fediverse for sharing thoghts, projects and information about woodworking, woodcarving and especially spoon carving. How can I find these people?
Are there any existing groups or servers with these topics?
Retoots / Boosts are appreciated!

@TQ That's incredible! Please share your progress!

@aramloosman I'm actually just starting to learn now, and I'd like to be able to talk to people who know what they're doing.

@aramloosman Currently my biggest issue is that, for some godforsaken reason, I cannot get the hang of sharpening a knife. I've watched/read at least 30 different tutorials and it seems perfectly straightforward, just time consuming, but I've managed to alter the blade shape of a cheap pocketknife without actually putting a decent edge on it and now I'm scared to touch any nicer blades.

Hmm. I started sharpening knifes with cheap (kitchen) knifes and after I got to an exceptable results started sharpening my spoon carving knifes.
Maybe you could check some thriftstores for old kitchen knifes which you could train on.
For me the most difficult thing is to get a consistant angle while sharpening so that the edge of the blade is the same throughout.

@aramloosman I started watching Jögge Sundqvist's knife grip videos a couple weeks ago and set my first spoon to dry last week. I've made and shared pictures of a couple craft tools here and am having a great time with learning about and finding ways to practice crafting.

Very happy to see you sharing your work.

What wood are you using? I've never had the courage for such thin borders.

@ArnimRanthoron Different ones. The one on the right is probably birch (not 100% sure on that). The unfinished one on the left is walnut.

@aramloosman I do some woodworking at home, i've done a little spoon carving while camping but it didn't turn out well lol

@aramloosman @aramloosman
Salut! I'm a french #woodworker and especially spoon #carver, i will be glad to share with you and the #fediverse

@aramloosman I'm an aspiring woodworker/carver, but time is a problem so I mostly stick to garden carpentry at the moment.

@aramloosman Woodworker / occasional spooncarver here. Two clean ones (one yellow from turmeric), two dirty ones in transit from the kitchen.

That large one of yours is very pretty! Haven't succeeded in making one with that shape.

@aramloosman I've carved a spoon and a couple figures. My current project is #woodworking. I'm making a display case for a frame of honeycomb. I'm way out of my depth though. You look at the wrong and it breaks.

#spooncarving #woodcarving

@aramloosman I'm not really a wood carver myself but my partner is, so I have an interest

@aramloosman I've made a few spoons, but it's not something I do on a regular basis. Does that count?

@aramloosman I want to do spoon carving! I have the tools, yet no wood... And no energy at the moment, sadly. But I will!

@aramloosman this looks like a very interesting form of #Woodworking to me. 😃

I would like to keep on track with your work, if you share it here of course. 😉

@aramloosman I have tools but they're dull and I've gotta figure out how to sharpen them before actually carving.

@aramloosman Looks like you might have a lot of overlap with the Merveilles community?
@maxc is creating nice wood working projects and I believe @oppen is into spoon carving specifically. :)

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