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We need more major FOSS projects like you guys (and also more FOSS content creators) on the #fediverse! :D

Put yer "money" (presence) where yer mouth is, peeps! ;)

Speaking of content creators, we of course have the awesome @vkc, the always informative @ChrisWere, the always wholesome @killyourfm, and the ever-dashing @thelinuxEXP

The new looks like an expected step up from the last generation but the announcement is stained by prices that rival the height of the mining craze last year, proprietary scaling methods that are unsupported on two year old hardware and intentionally changing the name of the x070 series to 4080 just so the launch price will look lower than it really is.

I wish we as consumers could support more open standards in the gaming and GPU market to avoid these things in the future.

This is incredibly exciting! Mullvad just announced a new side company and will start off by making their own USB Key. But that’s not all.

It’s completely open source! Both hardware and software! I can’t wait to see what the future for this has in hold. I will finally grab myself a physical Authenticator, that’s for sure!

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